Still Running…

We all are running

Some from our past

Some from our life

Some for the sheer pleasure

Some to just survive

Many people come

Many people go

But in our hearts we know

With whom we want to forever roll

There is so much that keeps on happening

In our day to day life

Who cares, who keeps score

If somebody hurt us or we were let down outright..

Still heart waits, still it aspires

To meet people with golden heart

Who share the same feelings

And change your world

Giving it new dimensions

And new rules to follow…

So what if, we are still waiting

So what if, we sometimes slide

Eventually it’s our life

We gotta make turns on our way

To find the things

We want for us in our life…

Life is long enough to switch our paths in the long run…..

So go with the flow.. Take the road less travelled or take the crowded one out..

Just remember you gotta reach the finish line with a smile which should forever last…

Rules to live by

Rules to live by…


You are going to flunk in exams or in life many a times don’t worry, don’t lose your heart because time flies and so will the disappointments, so just buckle up and learn from your past mistakes and move on…

Because MOVE ON is not an option, it’s the only solution…


Life is not always fair but it’s not bad either…

Just go with the flow and live your dream…


You will give your heart to a few persons who don’t deserve it. It’s normal, shit happens…

Just get it back…


You’ll have people in your life who are toxic and will try to suck all the happiness out of you..

Get rid of them…


You will fall in love many a time thinking it to be the last time. Last time really comes, you will hit your jackpot one day…

Just don’t stop trying…



You will have setbacks on your way to your dreams, don’t quit.. Because

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75-Benjamin Franklin



Don’t let anyone else’s opinion guide your life, follow your heart make your own path. Because

The heart may be on the left side but it makes the right decisions…


You are lucky that you have so many things at your disposal, don’t sulk over unreturned text messages.

Get rid of all those things that don’t make you happy anymore.. If they won’t put in the effort, find someone who will…


Stop underestimating yourself, don’t pity yourself..

You are perfect the way you are, love yourself…


Don’t over analyze any situation because all it leads to is confusion, and the funny thing is confusions never lead to a straight path…

Think Straight…


Sometimes you have to be your own hero. Never miss that chance…


Finally find someone with whom you can laugh about everything and the rest will be fine..



I think I am actually an introvert despite the amount of “friends” that I have and the amount of social things that I am involved in. If the definition of an extrovert is someone that gains their energy from “being around other people” then somebody who is an introvert is a person that needs time alone to build up that energy, right?


I can’t really do anything unless I‘ve thought about it before hand. That’s why I mispronounce (stutter) or say random words when I talk to people. It’s not because I think it’s funny or because I am hyperactive, it’s because I am trying to communicate but I just can’t. It’s not funny, I don’t do it to be funny, but it makes my peers laugh in a good manner which makes me feel a little better about myself. We all want to be liked by somebody, right?


This is also why I feel more comfortable texting than talking on the phone. Texting somebody allows me to think about what I am going to say and how the person I am texting might respond. This is also why I won’t hang out outside of college unless it has been planned ahead of time. I simply cannot handle social events that I did not have the time to think about before hand. If you have somehow convinced me to join you in some spontaneous activity, you might notice how quiet I am for most of it, or you might not because all I would be able to think about is how much I would like to disappear or go home because the amount of effort I am putting into whatever activity, it may be is draining me of all the alone time energy.


And I love my alone time. It’s the only time when I can just relax and think about where my life is heading, what do I need the most and whom to talk to. It’s the time when I let my hair down and do the things which many people would consider a time waste. But it’s my life and I want to enjoy it the way I want to, without anybody pointing out to me things that I don’t want to hear.


So I just want all of you to remember this…

Just leave the guy/gal who is different alone for some time, after all you don’t know a thing about what keeps on going in his/her head…



Everybody is different in one way or the other

Different is what makes us unique.

It’s the only thing which makes us stand tall in a crowd…


Different may be color

Different may be caste

But everyone has the same heart

And it will forever last…



I never do the right thing

I never care about what other people think

It’s the way I am wired

It’s the way I will live



This is the way I am going to live my life

Full of desires and pain that drives

I will pull the cart

I will try real hard

I will show d world

What’s in my hand

I will give the world

A chance to make amends


I will never stop trying

I will steal every word..

If it’s not going to change you

I will try different words


If that’s what you want

You will never see me again

It’s only my destiny

Which will suffer through setbacks and pain..


I was never good

I always had views different than you

The collision was meant to happen

It was inevitable to avoid

Bidding you goodbye

Was the last thing I wanted to try


But I break hearts

Because mine got broken too..

So I spread the pain

To make it a neutral zone

Because everything in the end

Is meant to fall down

To get mixed in the ground

For centuries later to be found…

Does it ever END

When does it all add up to something???

So are endings good???

Do things actually end???


Or is it that they just keep going on and on

You just play your part and disappear

And the thing that started you, which you don’t even know when… Just keeps on going and it is just you who is shut down


So saying a mere “The End” does that really means something???

Who can say who can tell

May be there are some things for which you will never get an answer, not in this lifetime and probably not in your next.

So is it really us who chose which part to play and most importantly how to play that part or is it really pre-destined that some will play it fair and square while some others will lie, cheat and steal.

Because if it’s not us, then we are mere puppets of somebody high above and we can’t even get the answers because it’s above our pay grade.


So should we smile because everything happens for a reason or should we just go out there and fight for what we believe in, fight for what we actually want?


Because in the end, the fight that we really should win is the fight with our inner monster, the devil that resides inside us because only after that we can really think of doing something else, rather than fight with the world.