She was never really mine

While I was always hers

It was just a situational thing

For which I got badly hurt


There is no remorse

And definitely no hard feelings

For my love is forever to stay

No matter if there is nobody with whom it could be shared


The sky is still beautiful

But for me, the moon has lost its charm

The darkness though was always appealing

It surely is missing the calm


Though everything else is fine

But still, it doesn’t feel okay

I guess I have lost a part

That is now beyond repair


So will I give life another chance

That is a hard thing to say

Because no matter what I think

The one above us will have his own way


So you feel Nothing

So you feel nothing
The things I do
The things I say
Have no impact on you
But my heart breaks
Whenever you say that my love won’t ever stay

So hear me out
Stay for a day
Feel what I have to share
Let me make you stay
My love will melt you
Reasons it will add
You will long for me
You will want me till the end

She was lying through her teeth
She wasn’t ready to accept the very reality
She is falling for me everyday
But she won’t face the truth
As it will leave a lot of people astray

Stop thinking only about others
Start thinking about you too
For true love like luck won’t knock twice
If you keep on ignoring it
It will go to the other room to the other side

You are entitled to be happy
Stop worrying about being misunderstood
Don’t get tied down to anybody
Let your heart truely rule

For people will always be jealous and judge
They will never be satisfied
Because you are getting the real deal
In whose wait they all will die

So its high time now
Put yourself first
Care about others
But care about yourself first


20 Seconds

There was a time
When you could have had it all
If only you had gathered courage for 20 seconds
Just to push the giant wall

So here you are
With just your soul to accompany
Because you were too shit scared
To do anything on your own
You couldn’t bail out yourself from the dark hole

So the next time life gives you a lemon or whatever the hell it can
Don’t wait for the equipment to squeeze it through
Use your own god damn hands
And steal your win through the hands of juicy goo

Till then lets write something down
Make some points for the world to show around
Let’s serve as a bad example
So that world can change its stance
And get ready to grab the opportunity
With both of their hands

So they say
That every dog has its day
So maybe one day
I will too have my way
May be the chance will knock down twice on the same spot
And mine will be a story the turning page of the whole town

20 sec