Lonely Boy

A lonely boy
In this lonely planet
Falling in love
Feeling the wrath
Got broke his heart
And no longer could stand it
It wasn’t the love that died
It wasn’t the memories either
The thread that was holding us together
Gave way to things that were more important
That had more priority
So if you will ask me
Was it a huge loss
I will say no
As everything that happens teaches you a great deal
Creates memories that go deep
It shapes you as a person
Brings you closer to your feet
Maybe the beginning was wrong
The roots were not too strong
A little wind blew our castle away
What we thought could even handle a fucking volcano
Now the walls are closing in
Suddenly the world doesn’t seem so rosy
Even the moon seems to have lost its shine
While I committed no crime
But this is my life
And I need to live it
All this whining will just keep me behind

It’s all about finding your “Tribe”

What would you do. If people betrayed you, your friends weren’t what you thought they were and the only person you thought loved you selflessly was the most selfish person you have ever met who was just with you to satisfy his/her motives.

Life would suck right!!

But what’s life if there were no setbacks, what will it be if it is just the usual with no or little drama.

After all you are born only once at least you only remember your present life. So why to waste it on petty issues or on horrible persons..

So instead of sulking, cribbing, crying one should go out and meet other people.

Because there are still other people out there who care, who don’t love you for some selfish motives of their.

As neither every day is bad nor it is good.

Neither every other hair belongs to the same person’s DNA

So that’s why go out there, find your tribe, woo someone. Win somebody’s heart, make someone’s day.

Spread happiness in every possible way you can. Because one day it will all come crashing to one question “Did I lived my life or just lived it”…


Do you feel

What I keep on feeling

Can you hear

What I have to say

Why has life become so complicated

Why can’t we just make the more of today..


All the lies that the world  has to offer

Among all those poker faces

Why do I have to follow your way

I am tired of playing this game

Isn’t there any chance that we can get this over with

Just by killing each other in the corner of the subway


There is darkness deep inside me

But why despair gets to keep its heads up always..

Why can’t I be the bad guy

Why can’t I show the colors of the true human race


People always play with your feelings

If you don’t have anything up against them  to say

So is there a way to turn the tables around

Is this how I will get to follow my own way..


The end point is no where to be seen

Probably there is darkness everywhere that I have been

So how will I cross the cross road

Who will show me the path that I am supposed to follow

So can’t we be provided with a manual

So that I can be lonely

Forever and ever

With no one to hurt me around

No one to play with me

And crack jokes  on me

Like I am some circus clown..


So is this what life’s supposed to be

Dark and hollow

With no one to trust or to follow

Can there be a slight chance

That there are still people who understand

Who don’t care only about their own

Who treat everyone as they are tied by blood bone to bone..