Guy Gal Issue

Women are something, I mean seriously, you all have  something or the other that attracts a man wildly  towards you.

It can be anything…

Your smile, size, cut, touch, way of talking. You won’t even know it and some stupid dumbstruck guy would fall madly in love with you.

But here starts your series of test specially designed for him, why? Because you won’t believe him, you would treat him like shit. You don’t want to take another risk, because what might be the real motive of this guy be? Who is only saying he loves you, how can you be sure?

So what you do then?

You put him through a series of test.

Let’s see whether he can actually handle me or not, let’s see if he is patient enough, whether he will be able to hold me forever or I am just his passing crush,  infatuation of the moment or worse he just wants to bone me.

You always keep on self doubting yourself, how come he is still waiting for me, Is it actually love. I like him but I don’t want to take any chances. Let me test him a little longer. I just hope he is the one, and he doesn’t run away. Am I selfish? No I just want to be safe. I am not doing anything wrong, am I?

And this cycle keeps on happening again and again..

So what is the guy thinking the whole time?

So here is the Guy side of the story?

She looks pretty. Shit, I am in love. I can never understand, how can I fall in love so quickly?

What the hell, she is nice, there is no harm in trying.

Hey I like you, that’s okay right? She will take it no?

No, I will have to be a little more creative, girls love mushy mushy lovey dovey things. So I should spice up the proposal a little, I don’t want to get rejected. Now that I have spent so much time in planning it out, I really think I actually like this girl, because I have never done so much for any other girl in my life.

Fingers crossed, let’s hope everything goes all right. Damn man, she said she needs time, she doesn’t know how she feels for me. How can anyone not know, If they feel for anyone or not. I guess, I would never understand girls. I like her, I can’t stop now. Let’s wait and see what happens. It’s been 2 months now, we talk 24/7 but still whenever I bring up the relationship issue, she backs out and change the topic.

Does she love me, or is there anyone else in her life?

God I hate girls, why can’t they be a little more reasonable and tell everything upfront directly on the face..

Shit Shit Shit!!!

guyg gal

The Girl with the Yellow Contact lenses




Don’t try to be a devil
Wearing those fake pair of yellow lenses
You are monster in real life
Because all that you care are your heels and your hair
Stomping so many hearts
Kicking them out with your multicolored pair of heels
Proving to everyone you are actually a tart

So you don’t love cheesy lines
You don’t want to get bored
But let me tell you this girl
Lines don’t matter
What matters are the words
So try to decode them
If you are too dumb to know what it means
And just want to blabber what whatever

You are in love with your dreams
Wake wake up gal
Because reality you have never seen
There is no perfect scenario
Just plain bullshit scene
You gotta cross so many hurdles and people in the path
That you finally end up with too many enemies or a little broken heart

So what I offer is a lifetime scene
I will hold you throughout
Will accompany you to the end
Through happiness or sorrow
Holding your hand in my hand
So if you are still stupid enough to not give this a try
All I want to say is Bless you my child
May someone tickles your bloody braincell
Before it’s too late for me to follow…


Really You


So close yet so far 

I like you but not d way it’s meant to
I want you more than anything
I have doubts
I have fear
Are my feelings really real?

Are you the one..
Or just a minor flame
Who will get washed down
In a little rain

So how to find
Where to look
To find some answers
And some truths

The moon is showing
The sky is dark
Sitting alone in d park
I count the stars
The weather is good
The wind has spark
The cold reminds me
Of someone’s nature of the past

The time has changed
And so has she
She doesn’t play with the
Things that could hurt me
She has matured enough
To move away from the past
She is resting six feet under
Buried with a tiny star
She has achieved peace
She no longer gets hurt
RIP is all the world has to offer….



Its THE END My Lover

All good things someday come to an endSo its again that time of month

When you told me we will go out and have  real fun..

You again lied..

You broke my trust..


You are so busy with your own life..

That you forgot you are someone’s world..

You again ditched me

Saying you have some  important stuff

Baby but I can catch your little little bluff..

So don’t you just shout and tell me to calm down

Cos it’s just the beginning of  the final showdown


Will you always play by your rules

Didn’t you realize I have already so much mewled

Won’t you ever understand that

Won’t you even try

To stay for better or worse

By my side..


I guess whatever you said

Were some plain white lies

Coz it doesn’t seem that you love me

Like you claimed at that time


I guess the time has come

When we should really think about

What we have become


Are we still awesome together

Or just circling around..

Keeping ourselves under pressure..

Isn’t what I want..


So let’s get this over with..

Let’s go our separate ways

Keeping the lovely memories amongst us

Along with the lovely time that we spent..