I never do the right thing

I never care about what other people think

It’s the way I am wired

It’s the way I will live



This is the way I am going to live my life

Full of desires and pain that drives

I will pull the cart

I will try real hard

I will show d world

What’s in my hand

I will give the world

A chance to make amends


I will never stop trying

I will steal every word..

If it’s not going to change you

I will try different words


If that’s what you want

You will never see me again

It’s only my destiny

Which will suffer through setbacks and pain..


I was never good

I always had views different than you

The collision was meant to happen

It was inevitable to avoid

Bidding you goodbye

Was the last thing I wanted to try


But I break hearts

Because mine got broken too..

So I spread the pain

To make it a neutral zone

Because everything in the end

Is meant to fall down

To get mixed in the ground

For centuries later to be found…

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