You ain’t going anywhere

You ain’t going anywhere
Just keep getting closer to me everyday
Because that smile of yours binds me
Whole day keeps on reminding me
How wonderful it is to spend time with someone
Who is completely different than my usual humdrum

Nobody would take these moments away
We are writing a new page of our life everyday
Our pictures speak a lot
We are closer than we ever thought
The mystery is still not solved
Why you love me, why isn’t our love lost?

So if you are still having second thoughts
Just hold my hands and take a walk
Because I ain’t letting you go anywhere
You have to promise to stay with me
Through the ageing years
Because I suck at being a loner
I like somebody to hold me together
Somebody to protect me from dogs and bears

So if you have decided to stay
To raise hell with me everyday
Just say you love me a lot
Don’t just pretend
But really like my thoughts
Because with words I can paint a thousand pictures
But with your hand in my hand I can make them true
Make them real and make them good.