So there were numerous reasons for you to stay back
But you choose the one that took you away
Now I am waiting with my heart in my hand
And I am scared how will my story end

You should have known the facts
You should have tried to relax
You should have thought of it before
Because I am madly in love
While you are running for the shore

Everything is right when you and I are together
Still you are afraid to take that step
Knowing we will create wonders
Why won’t you take my hand
How hard is it to take a stand

I was a happy go lucky guy
But now I am just a nervous wreck
Was it supposed to end so badly
Was only tasting love my destiny

It can’t be over just yet
Because our story is far from over
Give it wings and it will fly
Won’t let it ever dry
You feel happy and alive
Our love is meant to survive

So hold my hand
And bring yourself closer
Let’s create something incredible
That the world won’t easily understand


Don’t be Ordinary

Things can escalate quickly
You can find yourself going south
If you are not careful
You could get in trouble
There could be no way out

Relationships can too change within a few seconds
A single line of yours
Could break it apart
Or mend it forever
You could be with the one
With the least of troubles

If you have no goal
You are just wasting your time
If you won’t try
You will always hate yourself
Whenever you will get time to reflect

It’s not the end of the story
You still have got time
Stop waiting for things to change on their own
Go do something worthwhile with your time

Unleash your passion
Pick a thing
Stick to it
No matter what
Don’t stop
Don’t quit
Life is only a play
Be anybody you want to be
Just don’t be ordinary