Tired of Playing Nice

Tired of playing nice

I want to break the ice

Now I want to revolt

I want to show my other side


I am not a bad person

But I have done some bad deeds

I want to break the circle

I have my own needs


But the world can’t handle

Another piece of shit

So I try to be nice

And keep myself legit


But every time she is near

There is the desire to make her proud

So I try to be something else

That’s buried deep down


So I am not that right

But I am not totally wrong

You got to handle people differently

Because not everybody can take it like a clown


Everything needs to be balanced

It is the mantra of life

Just chanting slogans is not the way to fight

You got to rise above

You have to take matters into your own hands

You need to show people the light

You need to make them understand…


Don’t you ever say never

Don’t say never
Say hold me down
Don’t say bye
Don’t leave for your hometown
Because my heart is your permanent place
And you can never be replaced
Because it’s not just mine but our joint airspace
Where we have shared a lot of awesome days

Just smile don’t you ever frown
Because it acts as your personal crown
You don’t need to ever change
Because you cannot be exchanged
You are so valuable
Stay forever in my range
Because spending a second without you is a crime
My whole world stops the only thing that moves is the time

So stop and turn around
Everybody has fights
But they all shoot it down
Because finding true love is never easy
I found you after 21 years and I still sometimes feel dizzy

But I knew
I will someday find you
You just blew me away
With your smile and the way you sway
This is something that I wanted to say
I will stay with you forever
Will protect you every day

Each day will be special
We will tackle everything on our own
We will become the best couple
That the world has ever known