I want to

I want your love

I don’t want the lies

I want to talk to you

Without thinking whether it’s day or night


I want to see you sleep

I want to see you wake up

I want to prepare for you a hot tea cup


I want to hold your hand

I want to scream with joy

I want you so much more

No one should take you away or even dare try


I will take care of you

I will not let you cry

With me you will get it all

All the love in the world along with the joy


So wake up from your sleep

Think about what you actually need

Make a move, shake a leg

Tell me what you feel

Don’t stop, don’t rest


Hold my hand and show the world

That together we are indestructible

Let’s show them together what we have got

Together we are infinite and we won’t ever stop…


Date a Guy Who

Date a Guy who believes that love doesn’t last forever. Date him because he knows what reality is. He knows because he has experienced it all the heartbreak, the longing and the loneliness.

They are a rare breed but they are out there. Date him because he will sweep you off your feet, date him because for whatever time you guys will be together it will be just surreal.

Date them because they can show you what love is, they are intense and they will never let you be sad. They will hold your hand and take you places you never found beautiful.

You will find them meaninglessly flirting with each and every girl, they are not your typical flirt they just like to make everybody’s day beautiful. They find meaning in making others happy. They will hit on you constantly they won’t bother about their image because they don’t think much they just love complimenting the people worth complimenting.

Go up to him and show a little interest, that’s it they will leave everything and make you their priority. They are fun to be together with, they will give you full freedom; if you need them they will never leave your side because they have seen the cruel side of loneliness.

Date them because you will never experience these type of guys ever. You will love and cherish each and every moment you spend with them for a lifetime.

You are young take risk take chances.

Shout out loud and do whatever you think is right