Seek & You’ll find

You got to listen to what people say
Because everything has a deeper meaning
Everybody mourns in different ways
Sometimes without sound
Just holding their pillows on their sobbing face

The brighter the lies
The darker the truth
But not everybody got the courage to listen
So all we hear is fake melody and rhythm

All our life we keep on running
Never content with what we are getting
Sadness takes a toll on us
Still, we don’t try to sit back
Still, we are busy seeking troubles

Have faith, have trust
The weather won’t always be overcast
The clouds will give way
The sun will shine and make it a better day

So rise and shine
Having fun is not a crime
Live your life
Walk that extra mile
Don’t forget to give somebody a reason to smile

Lost a lot of things



I have lost my appetite

I have lost my sleep

I don’t know what happened

But today I look so weak


I am attached to somebody

Even though I promised I won’t

My mood swings are attached to this person

Who few days ago was an unknown


Though I fall in and fall out too quickly

But this time I am stuck

Because I am out of luck

There is no end in my sight

And to reach the destination

I have no one by my side


I talk a lot

I might have said many things

But no disrespect was ever intended

Because your image in my eyes can never be dented



It has been a while

Since I longed for anybody’s company

But this time around too

The culprit has fled the crime scene


So I am left here alone

With a bag full of mixed feelings

Now I don’t know

Whether to burn it

Or dig its grave

So that it never comes back to haunt my days