Really You


So close yet so far 

I like you but not d way it’s meant to
I want you more than anything
I have doubts
I have fear
Are my feelings really real?

Are you the one..
Or just a minor flame
Who will get washed down
In a little rain

So how to find
Where to look
To find some answers
And some truths

The moon is showing
The sky is dark
Sitting alone in d park
I count the stars
The weather is good
The wind has spark
The cold reminds me
Of someone’s nature of the past

The time has changed
And so has she
She doesn’t play with the
Things that could hurt me
She has matured enough
To move away from the past
She is resting six feet under
Buried with a tiny star
She has achieved peace
She no longer gets hurt
RIP is all the world has to offer….



Crossing So Fast


We grew up

It happened so fast

It happened so quickly
Now I am all nervous
And don’t know
Which road to go
Which path to choose
The good or the ugly

Dark and bright
Road never ends
All the responsibilities
And so many decisions in my hands

When will all the troubles end
When will life settle down
And start taking a normal stand
The mind is confused
The heart is full of hopes
I will come out victorious
It’s just a matter of some trials and tribulations
All of which will surely take some toll

So many questions are left unanswered
So many dreams are unfulfilled
But still I am growing up
And this list is not getting empty
Things are piling up
There is not much room left
Desires are everlasting
When will they be fulfilled is all I wanna ask


Love V Search

Love is here
Love is there
Without you around me
Sometimes I get so scared…

The day is valentines
Let’s go and have some fun
Love will surround us
Just dance with me
Under the blazing hot sun

For all those singles out there
Don’t stop
Don’t lose your heart to the wrong gal
Just wait a little more
The goal is somewhere around you
Not that far, still not yet near

Just go and find the right gal
Approach with caution
Not with fear
Seal the deal
Show her what you got

Steal her heart away
Blow her mind out
Make her crazy for you
Make yourself her need of every hour…

Let her stumble
Just don’t let her fall
Make each minute spent with her last a lifetime
Make her the princess of your heart

Teach the world
What love is all about
Pamper and pamper your lover
Fight but never fall out…




Untitled were
The pages of my life
I started filling them without thinking twice
I realized I was being stupid
Filling everything without thinking

But it was too late
I was down to the middle of the page
There was only so much left space to write
I couldn’t build castles for my bride..
I could only write a thing or two
But that won’t be enough for two

So it was then I decided
Will live my life alone
Will not let anyone come
Near my heart’s throne
Will always be master of my own universe.
Because I wrote my destiny with my bare hands..
It was all my doing for which now I will have to take a stand

May be someday I will get an extra sheet
To fill my life with more things that I need.
Till then life will go as it is..
I will not complain or crib about anything
Will live my life till I get extinct..