Romancing in the Rain

So it rained today…here in Delhi…

And yes I totally loved it…


Because it’s the weather of romance…and I am a diehard romantic


So today I was very Vella (free) as always, so I started wondering what is it with this weather that makes lovers all over the world treat it as their personal property.

Why is only the  rainy season associated with love?


So here are some reasons which I think made the rain famous..

  • You are sexy when you are wet and you know it!!

      Yes people gals look sexy when they are wet especially when their hairs are entangled together and looking dazzling with the                                                            droplets of water slowly slowly dropping on the ground..

No it’s not creepy.. It is actually a very surreal scene..
If you don’t believe me then go to some park or somewhere else on a rainy day and see for yourself..
I can guarantee you will be spell bounded seeing at least one of them.


  • The cold, the shiver…Come near me dear…

           Yep with the rain there is some drop in the temperature…and if you are wet that’s a bonus…more chance of cuddling up just to keep each other warm.

And for all those creep heads out there…don’t try to take advantage of such situation, just enjoy it innocently.


  • Lonely I am so lonely

         Yes rains bring along with them the darkness, the different depressing colors in the sky…you can’t help but get into depression yourself

If you are lonely…single…or away from your beloved… then there comes the SAD SONG SAGA or SSS as I call it.

Whether you like it or not we all have gone or are going through this phase.

Yes we all love listening to sad songs in the season of rain.



  • Dancing with the stars…

From our childhood, we have always loved dancing in the rain. We feel liberated doing that.

And when you have a partner with you, then there can be nothing in this whole wide world better than dancing with your loved ones.

It brings along with it our innocence, craziness, free spirit.



What more can you ask for??



So we can surely say there are certain aspects which makes the rainy season a better season for lovers than the rest…


So here are some songs that I love listening to during the rain



  • How To Love- LIL’ WAYNE (*)
  • Someone Like You- Adele
  • Amazed-By Lonestar
  • Bin Tere
  • Kahin To Hoge Vo
  • Kuch Is Tarah
  • CRY-Mandy Moore (*)
  • Soniye Heriye– Shael
  • More Saiyaan
  • Tere Siva-Delhi Belly
  • Hey There Delilah-Plain White T’s
  • Mar Jaiyan-Vicky Donor
  • Total Eclipse of My heart- Bonnie Tyler
  • Umbrella-Plain White Ts Rihanna Cover (*)
  • Beeten Lamhe
  • Bheege Yadein
  • The Adventure of Rain Dance Maggie-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Heartless-The Fray
  • Breakeven-The Script
  • How To Be Dead-Snow Patrol (*)
  • Holding On Letting Go-Ross Copperman (*)
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (**)


*If you haven’t heard them even once, then do it right now..


The Unknown Love

Can it really happen!!

Can you fall in love with a person just my reading some stuff that she wrote on a page and that too not just for you but for the whole world to see.

Can anyone be so delusional that he starts thinking that there can be some possibility of them being together somewhere in the future.

Probably not or maybe yes.

Like they say there are some things which can never be answered. Definitely not when the answers are needed the most.

So what can a person do at this point?

I guess nothing except doing the usual and waiting for the destiny to work in its own magical way.

Yes even I believe in destiny. It’s not that I leave everything upon it, but still sometimes you gotta leave some stuff to the other world so that they can work on  it to the best of their ability.

But I can’t get stuck with this thought in mind. Because I don’t know for sure what love actually is?

Yes it’s true, because I keep on falling in love and out of it frequently. I can even fall in love with complete strangers just by seeing them pass right through me. Yes I know it’s weird, but what can I do; I guess I am wired that way for spreading love in this world.

And the funny thing is it’s not like it just happens in my head, I even get the basic symptoms of the disease of love like the feeling of deprivation of oxygen, the world getting slower, building up of imaginative scenarios and like that in my mind.

You might call it craziness but this actually happens to me all the time. I can’t really point out why but I love this feeling while it lasts.

Because there is no drama of breakups, relationships. Your heart never gets crushed; you just enjoy the feeling without the strings attached.

So when sometimes people ask me, what according to me is love?

I just tell them this…

Love doesn’t grow on trees

It makes people go weak on their knees



Love is happiness.

Love is sorrow

If  you believe in it

It will always  be here and there

Today and tomorrow


Love is like a rainbow

Which comes after a rain

To feel it

You will have to go

Through some setbacks and some pains



Love is like sun rays

After dark

You know you will get it

Till then

You just have to walk

That lonely path    



If it wasn’t meant to be, It will never be the way you want

Its THE END My Lover

All good things someday come to an endSo its again that time of month

When you told me we will go out and have  real fun..

You again lied..

You broke my trust..


You are so busy with your own life..

That you forgot you are someone’s world..

You again ditched me

Saying you have some  important stuff

Baby but I can catch your little little bluff..

So don’t you just shout and tell me to calm down

Cos it’s just the beginning of  the final showdown


Will you always play by your rules

Didn’t you realize I have already so much mewled

Won’t you ever understand that

Won’t you even try

To stay for better or worse

By my side..


I guess whatever you said

Were some plain white lies

Coz it doesn’t seem that you love me

Like you claimed at that time


I guess the time has come

When we should really think about

What we have become


Are we still awesome together

Or just circling around..

Keeping ourselves under pressure..

Isn’t what I want..


So let’s get this over with..

Let’s go our separate ways

Keeping the lovely memories amongst us

Along with the lovely time that we spent..

So they say there is “one” for each one of us. You can call him/her your “lover”,  “Soul-mate”, “heartbeat” or anything else,  but the fact is you just can’t live without one. So this is my poem “In search of love” to find  one for myself. So that I can also become complete in the true sense of the word.

What should I do..

To find in a million..

Someone special like you…

Impossible to find..

We all have 1

Said my heart and my mind..

A special someone

1 in a million..


I dreamt about you in the night..

Your sweetness was so damn right,..

Your hug was so tight..

Everyone could feel my heartbeat..

Even from a distance  of 100 feet…


At first glance you were simply a dream..

At first touch you were real and serene..

Lost in your arms I never wanted to b seen..

Lost in your love forever..

Yea right happiness was capturing me..


Only through your eyes..

I want everything to be seen..

I guess only through your heart…

Love will finally captivate me..