It Hurts

It hurts

It hurts every time

That you can never be mine

I can never be yours

But still I have to live

With this stupid thing called hope


I know our worlds don’t match

Our stories don’t crash

And when we smile

We have different things on our mind


Still this heart can’t stop

I love your black heel flip flop

When you walk tick tock

Makes my heart to stop

And even then

Imaginary stories keep running in the backdrop


So forgive me If I have committed a crime

But loving someone should not be fined

Because it’s just an involuntary reaction

We can’t control it

It’s one hell of a commitment





Shitty Story

It’s a shitty story
About the shitty life
For everyone has got one
And it sucks all the time

You don’t get what you want
And you always hate what you got
For the sunshine to reach you
You will have to pick a good spot

So leave the past to rest
And start afresh
Because you don’t know what’s in store
If you don’t open your fucking door

So if this message is what you were looking for days
Then think that someone up there is looking out your way
Because you don’t get to chose when
You want a helping hand
Someone is always there around you
To become your crazy best friend

So all those looney toons out there
Who are lonely as hell
Go find someone like you
Eradicate their miseries and
Hold them like you should