She makes me happy
And she is the one who makes me sad
She has her own aura
She has her own class

She thinks she is more mature
But inside she is a child
She cares so much about her looks
She doesn’t really know she is beautiful inside

She is a bit older to me
For this she makes all the hue and cry
She doesn’t really get it
That you can be young and mature at the same time

Everybody discouraged me
Nobody was there to encourage
Everybody told me to leave her be
As she had left the shore
She was sailing lonely

Love is something magical
It got nothing to do with age
You just got to measure its own value
You got to have trust
You got to have faith


Lost Cause

She is gorgeous
She has got a beautiful heart
The fact is she knows all this
That’s why pretends to be out of my reach

The thing is she knows nothing about me
I am just a stranger who isn’t allowed to enter her dreams
What should I do
Which method should I chose
To make her fond of me
As it always should have been

She is one hard to get hold of girl
She won’t give in too easily
I will have to use every trick in the book
To make her realize that I am not a crook

It will probably take some time
As she is so hard to find
Even after crossing paths so many a times
She doesn’t recognize a thing about me
May be she is a great actress who can pretend anywhere anytime

Even after trying so hard
She isn’t budging
She isn’t accepting my request
God give her some pretty good grey brain cells
So that she can figure out herself
That I am not a monster in disguise
But a guy with some dreams
And hurting someone is not in my agenda or scheme of things…

lost cause

Trust Nobody

So It was really true
You can’t trust nobody
Nobody even you

Beware the world is a scary place
Just do your damn thing
Don’t look the other way

Carefully and fully aware
Just walk on your path
Don’t share your secrets with people
People who aren’t your life’s part

Keep still Don’t shake
Let the turmoil pass its course
Don’t get stuck in one place

Just rise above everybody else
Just show the world your true place
People will say mean things to you
Just don’t show them the way to your heart’s den

So if you follow
What I am trying to say
There will be less mistakes
And less misery about which you have to care