Hiding from the Truth

You never know which side to hold
The devil keeps lurking from the shadows
No matter how far you go
Somethings keep on holding your toes
The senseless mumbo jumbo
Isn’t too hard to understand
Only if you have been where I stand

The past is hard to let go
The future is always uncertain
The present is in peril
Cover the windows with the curtains
For we don’t want the world to see our weakness
Especially when we know it can never be overcome

The only thing left is to give it a push
For even the jammed doors can sometimes be made good
The real talent lies in hiding in plain sight
Because behind a veil anybody could hide

So if you know what this is all about
If you give a damn
If you really want to stand
And hold my stretched hands
The time is a ticking bomb
That could explode any moment
So hurry up and close the deal
For I don’t want to waste another good night sleep


Lost a lot of things



I have lost my appetite

I have lost my sleep

I don’t know what happened

But today I look so weak


I am attached to somebody

Even though I promised I won’t

My mood swings are attached to this person

Who few days ago was an unknown


Though I fall in and fall out too quickly

But this time I am stuck

Because I am out of luck

There is no end in my sight

And to reach the destination

I have no one by my side


I talk a lot

I might have said many things

But no disrespect was ever intended

Because your image in my eyes can never be dented



It has been a while

Since I longed for anybody’s company

But this time around too

The culprit has fled the crime scene


So I am left here alone

With a bag full of mixed feelings

Now I don’t know

Whether to burn it

Or dig its grave

So that it never comes back to haunt my days