She makes me happy
And she is the one who makes me sad
She has her own aura
She has her own class

She thinks she is more mature
But inside she is a child
She cares so much about her looks
She doesn’t really know she is beautiful inside

She is a bit older to me
For this she makes all the hue and cry
She doesn’t really get it
That you can be young and mature at the same time

Everybody discouraged me
Nobody was there to encourage
Everybody told me to leave her be
As she had left the shore
She was sailing lonely

Love is something magical
It got nothing to do with age
You just got to measure its own value
You got to have trust
You got to have faith


I repeat

I do the same thing
I never learn
May be I am framed this way
May be sadness for me is fun

People come
And people go
I get attached
And then I feel low

Alone is not a word
For me, it’s my whole world
You rock it all around
And then roll me down the hill

It’s like I am there for everybody
But nobody is there for me
I work underground
Keep quiet, keep mum
Because my problems are my creations
And nobody has the key to the questions

There is this world
And then there is mine
Devoid of good things
But still I am not crying
Because fighting back is really what I do
This terrible period will one day end too



There is a big hole inside that I needed to fill
It’s cold outside and I needed some thrill
Lots of heartbreak I have seen
I have seen people in love kill

I have seen a lot
Still I have seen very less
There are thousands of stories
That are still to be read

There is some amount of inspiration in everybody’s life
Everybody has doubts
Everbody makes mistakes sometimes
There after they tend to think twice

I have got friends
I have got pals
But still there is a hole in life
Which seem to forever last

There is no good
And there is no bad
Just a different shade of grey
It’s just your perspective which at times lack

Sitting among a crowd
Still not knowing my purpose
The life has so many a times come full circle
But I never learn
I repeat the same mistakes
This whole world order is in shambles
It needs to be saved