Metro Love (U can meet ur true luv anywhere)

28 May 2010


Abhay as usual was late for his college, as he climbed up the stairs he saw the metro had already arrived and as he was already late he couldn’t waste more time waiting for the other one to arrive so in hurry he just entered the first coach that was just in front of him, that coach was none other than the Women’s coach and just after entering it he realized his mistake; before he could move out of the women’s coach to the other one all the aunties started staring at him and one of them even scolded him for entering the women’s coach due to all these distractions he didn’t saw that someone was entering the women’s coach from the other side and collided with her(Anamika), who fell on the ground, Abhay just said sorry and moved out.



3 Weeks Later

Anamika was just coming out of her area’s market with her friends when she saw Abhay, who was carrying a football in his hands. She pointed out to her friends that the fellow she told them about, who instead of helping her up just said sorry and went his way was the guy with the football. Abhay also saw her and directly went to her, apologized and told her that as all the aunties were creating a scene that’s why he went away without helping her and that he was really sorry about that.

After hearing all this Anamika thought in her mind that this guy turned out to be a nice guy not a moron. Just as they both were bidding goodbyes, entered another person. Vicky) who asked both of them what were they doing there and how come they know each other. Vicky as it turned out knew both of them, so Anamika and Abhay had a common friend. Instead of waiting sometime more Abhay just said bye and went away, Anamika was again a bit astonished that how can a person leave so early, just by saying sorry everything doesn’t get right.


She asked Vicky that what’s wrong with his friend, why does he keep on running away. Vicky without divulging much just told her that he doesn’t trust girls now, he can’t stand them; to which she asked why what happened to him but Vicky refused to tell her anything more as he had promised Abhay he will never tell anybody anything ever.



After all this  Anamika was still lost somewhere. She really wanted to know about Abhay, his reasons for not trusting girls. She was going crazy, she wanted to get the answers. So she searched for Abhay in Vicky’s friend list and sent him a friendship request.




2weeks Later


2 weeks had passed but there was still no response to Anamika’s friendship request by Abhay. Anamika was getting angrier with each passing day, as there was nothing she could do about the request; she secretly took out Abhay’s number from Vicky’s mobile, who was clueless about the whole thing.

The same night she called him and after full 3 rings he finally answered the call.Anger makes you loose your cool and the same happened with Anamika who just kept on saying rude things to Abhay, she kept on asking him what does he think of himself, why can’t he accept a simple friendship request, it wasn’t like she was going to kill him but the way she was talking to Abhay on the phone any stranger who doesn’t know Anamika would surely have predicted that Abhay surely would have done something grave.She didn’t give him any chance to explain and kept on shouting after which she just disconnected the call without saying any goodbye.


Next Morning

Anamika was walking to the nearby metro station when suddenly a car out of nowhere blocked her path, It was Abhay inside the car, he rolled down his window and instructed her to sit inside.

Anamika couldn’t say no to the cold stare in Abhay’s eyes. During the whole ride from Saket to Hauz Khas Fort there was complete silence in the car. It was only after reaching the Fort that Abhay started talking. It was apparent that he was angry with her because of last night, he just pushed her a little and said “Are you crazy”, “Not even once you tried to understand that there must be something because of which I am avoiding you”.

It was now Anamika’s turn who couldn’t take it no more, she had enough of it already, she just said “What do you think I have been trying to do for the past few weeks”, “Just tell me your side of story”, I want to know how can a person start hating every other girl.

It was only after a lot of persuasion from Anamika’s side that Abhay finally gave in and started telling her about his story-


“From the very beginning I was totally smitten by this thing called “Love”.I was a hopeless romantic, who used to believe in love stories, the power of true love and in the concept of soul mates. It was only after I entered 10th class that I felt it for the first time, her name was Preeti, she was my classmate from 5th class, we knew each other pretty well. One fine day after a lot of thinking on my part and after gathering courage, I proposed her, she took 2 whole days to reply back to me. But it was all worth waiting because she said “Yes”. She also liked me a lot. Everything was going fine, I was on the top of the world, I always believed that she is the one with whom I will spend my whole life. But like everything good comes to an end, and the end came the end of my love story.Just 2 months had passed and I was enjoying my college a lot, Preeti was in other college but the distance never really mattered as we used to talk a lot and we had our Sundays and public holidays. One fine day  Preeti and my best friend “Tia” came to meet me and told me to be a little careful, to keep my eyes really open. It was a bit weird to hear all this from her, so I asked her what is happening, why are you saying stuff like this, you are my best friend you should tell me everything as it is, to which she replied she is in a dilemma, she can’t decide what she should do. It took me a lot of time to persuade her but she finally told me the most dreadful thing I never wanted to hear. She told me that Preeti is having another affair with some guy from her college. I just couldn’t believe her, so I made the biggest mistake of my life, I went berseck and started shouting on her saying things that I shouldn’t have, I said that I know from the very beginning she is against Preeti and me being in a relationship as she herself likes me which is apparent.It was too much for Tia to take, so she just slapped me and said “I was just doing what a true friend should do, I like you and it’s true but I never want you to get hurt, I would never imagaine myself doing any such thing, and now that I know what you have for me in your heart, I guess it’s time I should better go and leave you to yourself”. It was the last day, I saw her. I was confused, I was hurt, I called Preeti to know all about everything, It was the last time I ever heard from her too, She bluntly said Yes I am dating someone so what, It’s not like we are exclusive. Everything we had was casual, it was not true love, it was school crush which continued for a long time, and now that we are in separate colleges we should date other people, and we should remain friends like we have always been. I couldn’t take any more of that so I disconnected the call, started hating every other girl, got busy with other stuff, because a heart break is more painful than a real heart attack because in a heart attack at least you get well, you have medicines to feel better, there are people who can help you, but in  a heart break, you are all alone and there is no one in this whole wide world that can help you in such a situation.  “.


So that’s why I don’t talk to girls no more.


Anamika though was a brave girl, she had never been in love, but she had seen a lot of heartbroken people, she knew what it felt like. From that day onwards Anamika and Abhay became friends. She helped him get normal.



10 July


It was Anamika’s birthday, Abhay was also invited as he was now part of her pack. She hooked him up with “Isha”, who was one of her good friends.Abhay was a changed man, Anamika had made her realize that you should never give up whatever be the circumstances, he was more lighthearted these days more outgoing than he had ever been. Abhay and Isha hit it off really well, and started going on dates. Isha thanked Anamika for helping her find a person like Abhay, she told her that there is so much to Abhay, he can write poetry, he is good in football, and is not dumb like her other past boyfriends. Anamika felt really good for them, but some part of her heart was fighting, it wasn’t happy. For the very first time, she realized about her mistake, the biggest mistake she had committed, she shouldn’t have hooked them up as somewhere deep inside her, feelings for Abhay have started blooming. But it was too late now, Abhay was with Isha now. She didn’t want to get in their way. On the other hand Abhay and Isha were really enjoying each others company, but there was something he was doing which was out of his hands, every time he went out with Isha, he used to keep on smsing, whatsapping Anamika about every minute detail. It was too much for Isha to handle, she took Abhay’s cell and switched it off, and they both started fighting which didn’t turn out well for Isha. She asked him do you love me, what have you thought about our future. Abhay was caught off guard he never really gave it a thought till now, as he was taking things slowly he didn’t wanted to be that serious so soon.

But it only made things worse, Isha lost her cool and directly asked him about his exact relationship with Anamika, why does he keep on updating her even when she is talking to him. Abhay didn’t have any answers to that either, as he was doing it involuntarily, he liked telling Anamika about everything. It was just something he couldn’t stop doing. Isha was dead serious and she was no fool, she realized what all is going on, she couldn’t lose out on Abhay. So she gave Abhay two choices either to choose her or Anamika. Abhay was happy once again just because of Anamika so he just couldn’t leave her that too for no fault of hers, on the other hand he loved Isha’s company, he couldn’t decide which one to choose, Isha was a dignified girl she got her cue and left Abhay alone at the restaurant.



 31 September


2 months had passed Abhay. Anamika and Isha were not talking to each other. Abhay and Isha were not talking for obvious reasons. Anamika had distanced herself from both of them as she didn’t want her feelings to get in the way of her friends and she was clueless about everything that had happened between her friends.


Anamika was coming back from her college and there in metro she saw Isha, went up to her and asked her about their relationship.It was only then she came to know about their breakup and the things which lead to it.

Anamika straight away went to Abhay’s home. Abhay was surprised to see Anamika standing at his gate. She cursed him for not telling her about the breakup. Abhay in his defense just said how could he have chosen Isha over Anamika, when she was the only reason he is back to smiling again. Anamika scolded him, she said that he should have chosen Isha as he always wanted true love, Abhay couldn’t control himself after all after so long he was finally seeing Anamika he just blurted out I never loved her, all along it was you I wanted to be with, I like you no one else. I was fool to date Isha, I should have asked you out. But you distanced yourself from me, so I thought you didn’t want me to be close to you. Anamika grabbed him and planted a kiss, It was exactly the way she dreamed it would be. She didn’t want it to be over but she had a little explaining to do herself.She told Abhay about everything what she felt about him, why she distanced herself from him. They kissed again this time marking the beginning of a whole new era. The era of Anamika and Abhay.



27 December 2012


Anamika and Abhay are still together and very much in love. They are soon going to settle down. Who said true love isn’t possible, It’s possible you just have to search a little more and you got to believe in the true power of love then only the love you have been looking for will find you.


Like someone said “You will have to kiss a lot of toads, till you find your prince charming“.


No love lost, No love found”




In the Festival Spirit

So in the Christmas spirit

We should start

Forgetting about everything

We have committed in the past



Let’s rise again

Because we all hate the fall

Let’s show the world

What we have got


Let’s achieve everything

We ever aspired for

Let’s get

That someone special’s nod

Let’s do things

That we Love

Let’s make this world

A better place to live in



The countdown to the new year has begun

Lets count the no of good things that we have done

Let’s not worry about the past

Because it’s the future which will forever last.

It’s all about finding your “Tribe”

What would you do. If people betrayed you, your friends weren’t what you thought they were and the only person you thought loved you selflessly was the most selfish person you have ever met who was just with you to satisfy his/her motives.

Life would suck right!!

But what’s life if there were no setbacks, what will it be if it is just the usual with no or little drama.

After all you are born only once at least you only remember your present life. So why to waste it on petty issues or on horrible persons..

So instead of sulking, cribbing, crying one should go out and meet other people.

Because there are still other people out there who care, who don’t love you for some selfish motives of their.

As neither every day is bad nor it is good.

Neither every other hair belongs to the same person’s DNA

So that’s why go out there, find your tribe, woo someone. Win somebody’s heart, make someone’s day.

Spread happiness in every possible way you can. Because one day it will all come crashing to one question “Did I lived my life or just lived it”…


Do you feel

What I keep on feeling

Can you hear

What I have to say

Why has life become so complicated

Why can’t we just make the more of today..


All the lies that the world  has to offer

Among all those poker faces

Why do I have to follow your way

I am tired of playing this game

Isn’t there any chance that we can get this over with

Just by killing each other in the corner of the subway


There is darkness deep inside me

But why despair gets to keep its heads up always..

Why can’t I be the bad guy

Why can’t I show the colors of the true human race


People always play with your feelings

If you don’t have anything up against them  to say

So is there a way to turn the tables around

Is this how I will get to follow my own way..


The end point is no where to be seen

Probably there is darkness everywhere that I have been

So how will I cross the cross road

Who will show me the path that I am supposed to follow

So can’t we be provided with a manual

So that I can be lonely

Forever and ever

With no one to hurt me around

No one to play with me

And crack jokes  on me

Like I am some circus clown..


So is this what life’s supposed to be

Dark and hollow

With no one to trust or to follow

Can there be a slight chance

That there are still people who understand

Who don’t care only about their own

Who treat everyone as they are tied by blood bone to bone..