MayBe Lost

So maybe I am lost
I am not really sure
I wanted something else
But I am settling for less

Maybe I am getting mature
The anger doesn’t seem to last much longer
The voice is also soft
The fights totally under control

So much is happening all around
The chaos seems to have captured my mind
Without rhyme or reason
Crime is on rise
The real culprits are still free
The innocent crying for some justice

So then they ask me
Why I don’t want this earth to survive
Because my friend we have made irreparable dent
The clock is just ticking
Waiting for “THE END”

So if you are still clueless
About the things that are going around
If you still believe what they feed you
You need to wake up
And gather your wits
Because nobody is going to rescue somebody who just quits


She makes me happy
And she is the one who makes me sad
She has her own aura
She has her own class

She thinks she is more mature
But inside she is a child
She cares so much about her looks
She doesn’t really know she is beautiful inside

She is a bit older to me
For this she makes all the hue and cry
She doesn’t really get it
That you can be young and mature at the same time

Everybody discouraged me
Nobody was there to encourage
Everybody told me to leave her be
As she had left the shore
She was sailing lonely

Love is something magical
It got nothing to do with age
You just got to measure its own value
You got to have trust
You got to have faith