You be okay now

Leave this junkyard of a place

Fly away to some other fancy airspace

Restart your whole life

Don’t run coming back to this wildlife


You be okay now

You be okay now


My heart will never rest in peace

Send some nurses and the police

I want you to leave me behind

Because you have a bright future and all I commit are petty crimes


My darkness will swallow you too

Because it feeds on people like you

So if you really love me then stay away

It’s not a betrayal

It’s the way to keep you away from the darkest of my days


May be someday  I will cool down

I will get the power to move on

From the world of dark

From the world of trouble

May be you will get back your true lover



Till then just play safe

Keep remembering our good old days

Remember our love

Remember our glory

I will come back to complete our story

 you be