Not your average Stranger




You silly silly girl
You’re not able to see past my words
You overlook me in your naivety
But in the end, you’ll weep
That when the time was right
You forgot to click
The only moment which could have turned into something big
She was sweet but her brain was not quick
She got stuck and for her the whole world sucked
She changed her path and went too far
She never realized what she bargained for and what she lost
You were distracted
I was attracted
You were talking about someone
While I was telling you my heart was stolen
While I try to continue the talk
You find solace in your sleep
I think you don’t feel what I feel
So I better leave you be

Some get me
Some get me not
With some, I talk too much
While with some I like to keep mum

The silence sometimes echoes
When the cloud of doubts are at rest
The universe is full of questions
In contrast, the answers are quite less

The color of your clothes 
Speaks a lot
Sometimes it engulfs the dark
While sometimes it sends a beam that’s bright

For the things, I lost
For the people I loved
Everything has to happen the way it does
To make your story full of beautiful words


I am happy 
And I’m sad
Too many things going in my head
Some people I have kept
While others have already left
The path, the way is too dark to drive
I am just shifting the gears
Hoping things will turn out right

Lots of things have changed
Lots of years have passed
Time to increase my speed
If I want to reach the stars

So many sad faces around
All of them longing for something
But happiness cannot be sought
It cannot only be created on our own
This too shall pass
Isn’t just a lingo
It’s valid and brings the trophy home

Start improving your each day
And soon you will have to fight no more
Everything will settle the way it is supposed to
You won’t have to push around

So snuggle with the troubles for now
As they are soon going to fade away
And you won’t even remember the hard times
For you will be busy enjoying the new day