She was never really mine

While I was always hers

It was just a situational thing

For which I got badly hurt


There is no remorse

And definitely no hard feelings

For my love is forever to stay

No matter if there is nobody with whom it could be shared


The sky is still beautiful

But for me, the moon has lost its charm

The darkness though was always appealing

It surely is missing the calm


Though everything else is fine

But still, it doesn’t feel okay

I guess I have lost a part

That is now beyond repair


So will I give life another chance

That is a hard thing to say

Because no matter what I think

The one above us will have his own way



Learning all the right lessons
At the wrong time
The destiny played its game
Now it’s crime time

What they said was right
You pay for all your sins
In this very damn life
No matter how much good you did
Karma will take a bite

Love also loses its shine
But when it was never there
There is nothing to hold on to
Just buck up and try to finish this Journey
In a decent amount of time

The rain does make you wet
But the eyes make you wetter
If two souls are born to intertwine
There’s nothing you could do
You will come back to your love and dine

Love is an important thing
You just don’t get it all the time
So if you have someone special
Devoted by your side
Hold on to them
Don’t give them up in sacrifice

Inner glow

Let me sleep
Let me have some dreams
Show me your real colors
Life is not just a fairy dream
Emotions are always running high
Don’t play with my soul
Don’t you even try

I just want to create a little place for me
Some place where expectations are met
Where you don’t need to cry holy hell

Need somebody to share my soul
It’s not on rent
It’s a lifetime deal
Just hop on the bandwagon
Don’t you put a full stop on my dreams

Time is high to rethink my whole life
Where I want to head
Where I don’t want to go
Whom to include in my friend list
Whose entry pass to cut down in million piece

So share a moment of joy
Maybe one or two
Live the life that you always wanted to
Don’t be tied down by imaginary lines
Don’t listen to the sounds of bad minds

Create your whole life story
With your own hands
Put up a fight with whosoever
You cannot really stand
Scream on the top of your voice
You will not keep quite
You will show the world
What you are made up of
You will show the world
Your Inner Glow



I am not over

I still have it in me

I am not a sad story

At least not an incomplete one

I could rise from the ashes

Take back my kingdom

Nobody to stop me

I have done my preparation


So many chapters to be written

So much time has already passed

So many things have happened

But let’s let it rest in the past


I have nearly broken so many of my dreams

I wake up screaming

Seeing my own fears come to reality in my dreams

There is nothing more horrible

To walk with all that pain

All the pent up anger

Just throwing my life everyday in the drain


Where have I landed

Which direction is my life going around

Happiness eludes me

Takes refuge in somebody else’s hometown


Snatch me from myself

Take me far away

Pump me up with confidence

That all bad things will one day fade away


Smiling faces no longer feel safe

Everybody is wearing a mask

Fake people all around

Waiting for the other to fall

To take their place in life’s play


When will this all end

When will hope rise again

Slowly I am getting eroded from earth everyday

There’s no solution in sight

Just a handful of friends

Who have promised to stick together

Through thick and thin

Death, for instance


———– Live the way you want to, not the way others want you to ————


So everything is changing
There is no longer any control
The things which seemed definite
Have slowly begun to move and erode

The dream which I saw for myself
No longer seems plausible
Where is my life heading
I have no clue
And no plans
To get somewhere nice
Where I could cool

I am bored with my surroundings
I am bored with the same old things
I want change
I want to move
I want to go in different directions
I don’t want to stay at one place
I don’t want to see another crowd
Just occupying my every other day

I miss those past days
I miss my old life
If I get a chance to repeat it all
I would take different decisions
Without even thinking twice

When did it all start?
Where did I go wrong?
Which path was it?
Which started this never ending sad song?

I wish, I could get some answers
They would have solved a lot of things
I probably would have been happier
If the things weren’t going this bad, like they
usually seemed

I retrospect, I regret
I try to change my tone
If I realize my mistake
I always atone
Never take unnecessary blame
Never throw without provocation any stone…



Who thought that growing up won’t be easy
And that people would suck the very happiness out of you
That you won’t be getting your personal time
Your whole life would revolve around pleasing someone

The blind rat race
The materialistic world
No place for honesty
Everybody giving you a downward push

Where is hope?
It’s too hard to find now
Did I lose it on my way up?
Or it took the other path around

So many familiar faces
But none that I could call my own
Selfishness and Self centerdness all around
Things have now taken a very bad turn

Uncertain about my future
I don’t know where I want to be
I don’t know If I am on the right track
Or moving further away from my destiny

I want her even she knows it too
But she won’t ever be mine
Because everything here is marked according to face value
And I ain’t no Brad Pitt or Tom cruise
I just got bags of emotions and feelings stuck to my body that can never be removed

Just listen to my words
And grasp the intensity too
I like, I care, I am mad about you
My feelings are true
And my heart beats faster with you


Fairy Tale

She was just a lonely soul
She cried every night
She had a great fall
She believed in fairies
But they never came true
Despite all this
She still believed them to be true

One winter night
It was too dark to roam
The whole city was locked
Everybody was inside their homes

But the lady was out
She was searching for a companion
She wanted to be whole

In pitch dark
She heard some footsteps
But they were too loud
There were not coming from a human’s leg

She got frightened
She had no where to run
She was trapped in 5 feet high
Pearly white snow

Slowly and slowly the picture got clear
She saw some glowing eyes
It was not human
But a wolf in despair

The wolf was also stuck in the same snow
The girl was frightened
But she knew
There is something she needs to do

So she grabbed nail filer from her purse
She started scratching the snow
She started clearing the path
To reach for the wolf
But still after all her attempts
She was stuck
She was pretty much unsuccessful

Then was the time
There came a bright light
There was a gorgeous guy
From the rescue squad
He was not that tall
But handsome
With a shovel in his hands

He cleared the whole patch
Rescued the wolf
And carried the girl to a safety place
The girl’s fairy tale was coming to be true
But then she saw a ring in his hand

That’s why they say
That there are no fairy tales in real life
Just lower your expectations
And be in love with a guy
Who will forever stay by your side


Stuck in the middle

I am stuck in the middle

I have gotten up late

I missed my shuttle

And the puddle was lying in my way


There was no one to help me

There was no guidance at all

I tried to cross the obstacle

Jumping from the very top


The jump was short

And I fell in the middle of it all

Now I have to face everything

Because that’s the only last resort


Things came flying from the corner

They went till the very end

The whole situation was trouble

It was bound to leave its footprints everywhere


The storm was growing louder

I was stuck in the middle of my end

My whole life was moving fast

But still my mind was plain blank


No memories came back haunting

No picture was ready to be framed

My whole life was devoid of any adventure

It was only then that I could understand


It was just a dream

It was a lesson sent from the heaven abode

That I have to take chances

I have to create a memory store


So that was the day

When my life took a u-turn

Now I am all extrovert

With bluntness in my blood…