Stuck in the middle

I am stuck in the middle

I have gotten up late

I missed my shuttle

And the puddle was lying in my way


There was no one to help me

There was no guidance at all

I tried to cross the obstacle

Jumping from the very top


The jump was short

And I fell in the middle of it all

Now I have to face everything

Because that’s the only last resort


Things came flying from the corner

They went till the very end

The whole situation was trouble

It was bound to leave its footprints everywhere


The storm was growing louder

I was stuck in the middle of my end

My whole life was moving fast

But still my mind was plain blank


No memories came back haunting

No picture was ready to be framed

My whole life was devoid of any adventure

It was only then that I could understand


It was just a dream

It was a lesson sent from the heaven abode

That I have to take chances

I have to create a memory store


So that was the day

When my life took a u-turn

Now I am all extrovert

With bluntness in my blood…



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