Some get me
Some get me not
With some, I talk too much
While with some I like to keep mum

The silence sometimes echoes
When the cloud of doubts are at rest
The universe is full of questions
In contrast, the answers are quite less

The color of your clothes 
Speaks a lot
Sometimes it engulfs the dark
While sometimes it sends a beam that’s bright

For the things, I lost
For the people I loved
Everything has to happen the way it does
To make your story full of beautiful words

She was never really mine

While I was always hers

It was just a situational thing

For which I got badly hurt


There is no remorse

And definitely no hard feelings

For my love is forever to stay

No matter if there is nobody with whom it could be shared


The sky is still beautiful

But for me, the moon has lost its charm

The darkness though was always appealing

It surely is missing the calm


Though everything else is fine

But still, it doesn’t feel okay

I guess I have lost a part

That is now beyond repair


So will I give life another chance

That is a hard thing to say

Because no matter what I think

The one above us will have his own way


Lonely Boy

A lonely boy
In this lonely planet
Falling in love
Feeling the wrath
Got broke his heart
And no longer could stand it
It wasn’t the love that died
It wasn’t the memories either
The thread that was holding us together
Gave way to things that were more important
That had more priority
So if you will ask me
Was it a huge loss
I will say no
As everything that happens teaches you a great deal
Creates memories that go deep
It shapes you as a person
Brings you closer to your feet
Maybe the beginning was wrong
The roots were not too strong
A little wind blew our castle away
What we thought could even handle a fucking volcano
Now the walls are closing in
Suddenly the world doesn’t seem so rosy
Even the moon seems to have lost its shine
While I committed no crime
But this is my life
And I need to live it
All this whining will just keep me behind

MayBe Lost

So maybe I am lost
I am not really sure
I wanted something else
But I am settling for less

Maybe I am getting mature
The anger doesn’t seem to last much longer
The voice is also soft
The fights totally under control

So much is happening all around
The chaos seems to have captured my mind
Without rhyme or reason
Crime is on rise
The real culprits are still free
The innocent crying for some justice

So then they ask me
Why I don’t want this earth to survive
Because my friend we have made irreparable dent
The clock is just ticking
Waiting for “THE END”

So if you are still clueless
About the things that are going around
If you still believe what they feed you
You need to wake up
And gather your wits
Because nobody is going to rescue somebody who just quits


I am not over

I still have it in me

I am not a sad story

At least not an incomplete one

I could rise from the ashes

Take back my kingdom

Nobody to stop me

I have done my preparation


So many chapters to be written

So much time has already passed

So many things have happened

But let’s let it rest in the past


I have nearly broken so many of my dreams

I wake up screaming

Seeing my own fears come to reality in my dreams

There is nothing more horrible

To walk with all that pain

All the pent up anger

Just throwing my life everyday in the drain


Where have I landed

Which direction is my life going around

Happiness eludes me

Takes refuge in somebody else’s hometown


Snatch me from myself

Take me far away

Pump me up with confidence

That all bad things will one day fade away


Smiling faces no longer feel safe

Everybody is wearing a mask

Fake people all around

Waiting for the other to fall

To take their place in life’s play


When will this all end

When will hope rise again

Slowly I am getting eroded from earth everyday

There’s no solution in sight

Just a handful of friends

Who have promised to stick together

Through thick and thin

Death, for instance


———– Live the way you want to, not the way others want you to ————

Everything else is lost

All the letters that were wrote

All the little stories that were told

Now only those are still remaining

Because everything else is lost


Only memories that were created

And the words that were shared

Only those things I can remember

Because everything else has been lost forever



It’s an end of a story

And probably a long full stop on my path

Because now it all sucks

I don’t want its any part



I will change my directions

I will choose a different path

I will divert my energies somewhere

Where it will be fruitful while it lasts


I am not sad

Nor are gloomy days ahead

It’s just that I have gone too far on this road

Now I will look for a good spot to sit

And find my solace someplace somewhere

 lost f



3 a.m.

The night is long
My mind has gone
All I want to do is hold you on

There are places
Where your touch has not yet reached
It yearns for love
I am still incomplete

Outside the weather is cold
And I am feeling a little lost
As you were my, the only last hope

I have got so much love to give
But still sitting here alone pondering what to eat

I have got this hole inside me
That I really need to fix
Or I will sink down
Leaving broken promises

Another Valentine’s day is coming around
And it is going to be lonely as the other accounts
I would sit still
And wait for the world to come around
My lover to wait for me
And my troubles to be down

It was always You


Lost inside

Inside your eyes

And I have nowhere else to go

So I sit inside waiting, waiting for it to rise



I am down

Down on my knees

Sitting in puddle of sand

I am waiting with my bated breaths

Holding onto your dreams

So will you turn up

Because I have lots to share

Will you turn up

You are part of my destiny



Now I just wanna confess

Confess everything from within

Will you still love me

If I told you, at times I have lied


So no matter what you do

I will always hold your hand

No matter what you do

It’s only me that you could count


So If after everything

You are still by my side

I will not let a single tear roll down your cheek

I will catch them all

I will make you heal

Because when you walk with me

It’s only you that I care about

Because when you walk with me

You are all that I have

So If you stay with me

Everything we will have

So If you stay with me

We can conquer the whole world


Lost Cause

She is gorgeous
She has got a beautiful heart
The fact is she knows all this
That’s why pretends to be out of my reach

The thing is she knows nothing about me
I am just a stranger who isn’t allowed to enter her dreams
What should I do
Which method should I chose
To make her fond of me
As it always should have been

She is one hard to get hold of girl
She won’t give in too easily
I will have to use every trick in the book
To make her realize that I am not a crook

It will probably take some time
As she is so hard to find
Even after crossing paths so many a times
She doesn’t recognize a thing about me
May be she is a great actress who can pretend anywhere anytime

Even after trying so hard
She isn’t budging
She isn’t accepting my request
God give her some pretty good grey brain cells
So that she can figure out herself
That I am not a monster in disguise
But a guy with some dreams
And hurting someone is not in my agenda or scheme of things…

lost cause

The Lost Boy


 He wanted love

But he was not lonely

He believed in miracles

But never saw any fairy



He was happy

He was one narcissist dude

Everyone around him felt like

He belonged to them and only to their group



He had different views

But he never wanted them to be proved

He wanted to  try out different paths

Just to see which path has got more happiness

Not just rubble and shit dumped on the tracks



He wanted to help everybody out

People always thought he was pretending

But no, the dude was playing simple not smart

He really wanted to know everybody inside out

Even though some people thought it was crazy



He was sensitive

He could feel people’s shit out

But only his homies were there to help him

Whenever he was knocked out or plain down


He was one lost boy

He thought he was from some different land

Because he can’t figure out why people hurt each other

When there is so much to be shared


He wanted to be the guy

Everyone looks up to whenever they were down

But in his quest he lost track of time

And was found resting 6 feet under with his favorites short up his arse