The Girl with the Yellow Contact lenses




Don’t try to be a devil
Wearing those fake pair of yellow lenses
You are monster in real life
Because all that you care are your heels and your hair
Stomping so many hearts
Kicking them out with your multicolored pair of heels
Proving to everyone you are actually a tart

So you don’t love cheesy lines
You don’t want to get bored
But let me tell you this girl
Lines don’t matter
What matters are the words
So try to decode them
If you are too dumb to know what it means
And just want to blabber what whatever

You are in love with your dreams
Wake wake up gal
Because reality you have never seen
There is no perfect scenario
Just plain bullshit scene
You gotta cross so many hurdles and people in the path
That you finally end up with too many enemies or a little broken heart

So what I offer is a lifetime scene
I will hold you throughout
Will accompany you to the end
Through happiness or sorrow
Holding your hand in my hand
So if you are still stupid enough to not give this a try
All I want to say is Bless you my child
May someone tickles your bloody braincell
Before it’s too late for me to follow…


Does it ever END

When does it all add up to something???

So are endings good???

Do things actually end???


Or is it that they just keep going on and on

You just play your part and disappear

And the thing that started you, which you don’t even know when… Just keeps on going and it is just you who is shut down


So saying a mere “The End” does that really means something???

Who can say who can tell

May be there are some things for which you will never get an answer, not in this lifetime and probably not in your next.

So is it really us who chose which part to play and most importantly how to play that part or is it really pre-destined that some will play it fair and square while some others will lie, cheat and steal.

Because if it’s not us, then we are mere puppets of somebody high above and we can’t even get the answers because it’s above our pay grade.


So should we smile because everything happens for a reason or should we just go out there and fight for what we believe in, fight for what we actually want?


Because in the end, the fight that we really should win is the fight with our inner monster, the devil that resides inside us because only after that we can really think of doing something else, rather than fight with the world.