She was never really mine

While I was always hers

It was just a situational thing

For which I got badly hurt


There is no remorse

And definitely no hard feelings

For my love is forever to stay

No matter if there is nobody with whom it could be shared


The sky is still beautiful

But for me, the moon has lost its charm

The darkness though was always appealing

It surely is missing the calm


Though everything else is fine

But still, it doesn’t feel okay

I guess I have lost a part

That is now beyond repair


So will I give life another chance

That is a hard thing to say

Because no matter what I think

The one above us will have his own way



So there were numerous reasons for you to stay back
But you choose the one that took you away
Now I am waiting with my heart in my hand
And I am scared how will my story end

You should have known the facts
You should have tried to relax
You should have thought of it before
Because I am madly in love
While you are running for the shore

Everything is right when you and I are together
Still you are afraid to take that step
Knowing we will create wonders
Why won’t you take my hand
How hard is it to take a stand

I was a happy go lucky guy
But now I am just a nervous wreck
Was it supposed to end so badly
Was only tasting love my destiny

It can’t be over just yet
Because our story is far from over
Give it wings and it will fly
Won’t let it ever dry
You feel happy and alive
Our love is meant to survive

So hold my hand
And bring yourself closer
Let’s create something incredible
That the world won’t easily understand


So you feel Nothing

So you feel nothing
The things I do
The things I say
Have no impact on you
But my heart breaks
Whenever you say that my love won’t ever stay

So hear me out
Stay for a day
Feel what I have to share
Let me make you stay
My love will melt you
Reasons it will add
You will long for me
You will want me till the end

She was lying through her teeth
She wasn’t ready to accept the very reality
She is falling for me everyday
But she won’t face the truth
As it will leave a lot of people astray

Stop thinking only about others
Start thinking about you too
For true love like luck won’t knock twice
If you keep on ignoring it
It will go to the other room to the other side

You are entitled to be happy
Stop worrying about being misunderstood
Don’t get tied down to anybody
Let your heart truely rule

For people will always be jealous and judge
They will never be satisfied
Because you are getting the real deal
In whose wait they all will die

So its high time now
Put yourself first
Care about others
But care about yourself first


You still stand a chance

Long story short
It wasn’t what I thought
The life that I imagined for me
Had gone for a toss

The people I trusted
All the time broke my heart
So finally I stopped loving
Thinking it would heal the feelings I lost

It didn’t work out
Life was still spiraling down
No other solution was in sight
So thought of keeping life a little tight
By giving it one last ride

But the feelings were lost
No love was gained
Nobody worthy enough
To keep in my hearts stand

Still I am travelling
With my heart in my arms
Maybe I will find her someday
Holding my missing piece
Keeping it closer, Keeping it calm

So all you heartbroken people
All you hopeless romantics out there
We still stand a chance
We have a long way to go
We have so much left to say
Don’t break the tip of your pen yet
The race is far from over
You still stand a chance


He was something

It was not a game

It was more than that

It was what he always wanted

But actually never had



He was not a monster

Nor was he a saint

He just wanted to be in control

But always lost it in a flash



He had some good days and some bad

But he never was rude

Nor was he ever sad

He lived carefree

And wanted everybody else to be tension free



He slept a little

But dreams he always had

For them to be accomplished

He gave whatever he had

He was passionate

He had spark in his eyes

But not everybody could see it

Because he was good with disguise


He was good at stealing hearts

As he had no heart of his own

He lost it somewhere down the road

And just wanted to figure out what’s behind those close doors.





Some Words Are Left Unspoken

Some  words are left unspoken

Some promises have been broken

The journey has been tough

Half the way out of luck


Met a few nice people

Had some amazing talks

The love of my life was never there

Still searching for someone to fill my heart

There have been days

There have been nights

Where all I wanted was you

Still, I never talked, never tried


There was this wall dividing us

There was a huge line

You never looked at me

When all I did was watch your every move all the time



I stumbled

I confessed

I told you everything

You pushed me

You went away

My life was again astray


I got up again

I straightened my suit

I was out there again

Living the life

Finding happiness in other forms and revisiting the loop




It Hurts

It hurts

It hurts every time

That you can never be mine

I can never be yours

But still I have to live

With this stupid thing called hope


I know our worlds don’t match

Our stories don’t crash

And when we smile

We have different things on our mind


Still this heart can’t stop

I love your black heel flip flop

When you walk tick tock

Makes my heart to stop

And even then

Imaginary stories keep running in the backdrop


So forgive me If I have committed a crime

But loving someone should not be fined

Because it’s just an involuntary reaction

We can’t control it

It’s one hell of a commitment





All There is Left

I know I screwed up

I know It was my fault

In the end you left me

Now all there left is my little broken heart


It has shattered into pieces

But It still hasn’t died

With everything it has got

It still wanna make you smile


It still cares

It will try to make your day

I will never forget about you

It will never rest for a single day


You always were the biggest part of my life

You always will remain so

Because it’s hard to change the road

Where we dreamed as one soul

It’s harder to forget someone who has been always there

It’s even harder to forget someone like you

You are my everything even more than you will ever know


We were so happy

You were part of my everything

I know I made some mistakes

But you left me with nothing

Now all there is left are some big dark holes

And I am pretty sure no one can fill them

Because no one can love me more


I don’t want this to be my bitter end

Because I read somewhere, If you don’t try

The love was never yours never in the first place

It was not meant for your heart’s land…

don't go

All the Good things are Taken

All the good things are taken

What is there left for me

They say there is somebody for everyone

But what to do

When the heart gets struck on  a particular someone


Is there a way

Or will the god show the light

Will he take me on a path

By crossing which

I get whatever I like


Why does it happen

That we always want something

That’s too hard to get

Is this a test

That is meant to be aced

Or is it a lesson

To teach us that we can’t get everything in our lives


Shouldn’t there be a system

To prevent all this from happening straight down right

So that people don’t have to lose hope again and again

Because these things matter so much in our life


There should be an ideal situation

Where everybody gets everybody else’s attention

Where one doesn’t have to look for it all the time

And you get your Mr/Ms Right at the first go

Without going through heartbreaks and loose connections


They say destiny works in magical ways

But I have seen so many people who curse it every other day

Shouldn’t everything be picture perfect

Never the days of lonely unrest



May be someday science will progress

And we will get the cure for our lonely hearts

Till then be careful who you hand it out to

Because not every tom dick and harry has got lucky days