Who thought that growing up won’t be easy
And that people would suck the very happiness out of you
That you won’t be getting your personal time
Your whole life would revolve around pleasing someone

The blind rat race
The materialistic world
No place for honesty
Everybody giving you a downward push

Where is hope?
It’s too hard to find now
Did I lose it on my way up?
Or it took the other path around

So many familiar faces
But none that I could call my own
Selfishness and Self centerdness all around
Things have now taken a very bad turn

Uncertain about my future
I don’t know where I want to be
I don’t know If I am on the right track
Or moving further away from my destiny

I want her even she knows it too
But she won’t ever be mine
Because everything here is marked according to face value
And I ain’t no Brad Pitt or Tom cruise
I just got bags of emotions and feelings stuck to my body that can never be removed

Just listen to my words
And grasp the intensity too
I like, I care, I am mad about you
My feelings are true
And my heart beats faster with you