Lost a lot of things



I have lost my appetite

I have lost my sleep

I don’t know what happened

But today I look so weak


I am attached to somebody

Even though I promised I won’t

My mood swings are attached to this person

Who few days ago was an unknown


Though I fall in and fall out too quickly

But this time I am stuck

Because I am out of luck

There is no end in my sight

And to reach the destination

I have no one by my side


I talk a lot

I might have said many things

But no disrespect was ever intended

Because your image in my eyes can never be dented



It has been a while

Since I longed for anybody’s company

But this time around too

The culprit has fled the crime scene


So I am left here alone

With a bag full of mixed feelings

Now I don’t know

Whether to burn it

Or dig its grave

So that it never comes back to haunt my days





Little broken pieces
Have been stacked away
Some part is now hollow
But the rest is still to be shared

Wall color has faded
But the spirit hasn’t died
The war has just begun
I am ready to face all the high-low tides

The whole city is sleeping
No time to wake the city’s hope
Because only the time will tell
Whether battle was the path to glory hole

There is no time to pick sides
As the stipulated time has already passed
Now we will have to match the wind’s speed
If you want to forever last

The weather has gotten worse
There are none who believe in us
We will have to change the game plan
And pretend to be something that was never our planned end

It’s not the end, I dreamed of
It’s not the end, I want
The story is not yet complete
The end will be full of blood and gory storms..

broken inside