Learning all the right lessons
At the wrong time
The destiny played its game
Now it’s crime time

What they said was right
You pay for all your sins
In this very damn life
No matter how much good you did
Karma will take a bite

Love also loses its shine
But when it was never there
There is nothing to hold on to
Just buck up and try to finish this Journey
In a decent amount of time

The rain does make you wet
But the eyes make you wetter
If two souls are born to intertwine
There’s nothing you could do
You will come back to your love and dine

Love is an important thing
You just don’t get it all the time
So if you have someone special
Devoted by your side
Hold on to them
Don’t give them up in sacrifice

Some Words Are Left Unspoken

Some  words are left unspoken

Some promises have been broken

The journey has been tough

Half the way out of luck


Met a few nice people

Had some amazing talks

The love of my life was never there

Still searching for someone to fill my heart

There have been days

There have been nights

Where all I wanted was you

Still, I never talked, never tried


There was this wall dividing us

There was a huge line

You never looked at me

When all I did was watch your every move all the time



I stumbled

I confessed

I told you everything

You pushed me

You went away

My life was again astray


I got up again

I straightened my suit

I was out there again

Living the life

Finding happiness in other forms and revisiting the loop