Ruining It All Away

Like everything else

I will ruin this too

Because ruining good things

Is on my everyday menu


Save me from myself

Save me from this place

Take me somewhere else

Where I can forever rest my case


I am not a nut job

Not having any stalker payday

Just some misunderstood young fellow

Who dreams of making it big someday


Don’t shut me out

Don’t presume things your way

Delve into my small world

Don’t get confused with my wordplay

Leave your trauma someplace else

Behave as if it’s Broadway

Just say with me hip hip hurray

And see all the emotions I don’t usually display



There are monsters all around

And I am scared of them too

But I will fight till the end

Because giving in isn’t what I do


So learn from the world

Fight for what you believe in

Because living life without a cause

Is too lame as it seems




I Miss My Life

It all has changed

I miss my life

The days are so gloomy

I miss the open skies


There are troubles everywhere

Everything has changed without thinking twice

I miss my old days

I miss my life


Now I am standing at the crossroads

I have to take decision of my life

I miss those carefree days

I miss my life


There is darkness all around

I can’t see right

I miss those late night outs

I miss my life


The world will have to change

My dreams, It will have to occupy

I want to change my future

I don’t wanna miss my past

I wanna make everything okay alright


I don’t wanna miss my past

I don’t wanna miss my past life…


Stalker Alert

We just don’t claim to love you
We are actually obsessed
We actually want you
Away from the rest

You are the ones causing the OCD in us
Because of which we cross the line too much
But we all have our heart
At the right place to start
We don’t want any trouble
Just you wrapped in an air bubble

Some of us become crazy maniacs
But that doesn’t lead us all to be the part of bad boy crap
You just can’t degrade the whole community
Because our roots are joined with love for eternity

We too have good and bad days
Like our simple human counterparts
We just want to divert our minds
From the harsh realities of life and trouble from the past

So don’t run away
Don’t get scared to death
If we say we like you
That means we will keep you safe
From any trouble or your own mistakes…


All the Good things are Taken

All the good things are taken

What is there left for me

They say there is somebody for everyone

But what to do

When the heart gets struck on  a particular someone


Is there a way

Or will the god show the light

Will he take me on a path

By crossing which

I get whatever I like


Why does it happen

That we always want something

That’s too hard to get

Is this a test

That is meant to be aced

Or is it a lesson

To teach us that we can’t get everything in our lives


Shouldn’t there be a system

To prevent all this from happening straight down right

So that people don’t have to lose hope again and again

Because these things matter so much in our life


There should be an ideal situation

Where everybody gets everybody else’s attention

Where one doesn’t have to look for it all the time

And you get your Mr/Ms Right at the first go

Without going through heartbreaks and loose connections


They say destiny works in magical ways

But I have seen so many people who curse it every other day

Shouldn’t everything be picture perfect

Never the days of lonely unrest



May be someday science will progress

And we will get the cure for our lonely hearts

Till then be careful who you hand it out to

Because not every tom dick and harry has got lucky days


20 Seconds

There was a time
When you could have had it all
If only you had gathered courage for 20 seconds
Just to push the giant wall

So here you are
With just your soul to accompany
Because you were too shit scared
To do anything on your own
You couldn’t bail out yourself from the dark hole

So the next time life gives you a lemon or whatever the hell it can
Don’t wait for the equipment to squeeze it through
Use your own god damn hands
And steal your win through the hands of juicy goo

Till then lets write something down
Make some points for the world to show around
Let’s serve as a bad example
So that world can change its stance
And get ready to grab the opportunity
With both of their hands

So they say
That every dog has its day
So maybe one day
I will too have my way
May be the chance will knock down twice on the same spot
And mine will be a story the turning page of the whole town

20 sec


Rules Guy wish Galz knew (Part 2)

  • We don’t like you bitching about others to us because that’s what your girlfriends are for…
  • We sometimes like to be alone so leave us at that. It doesn’t mean something grave has happened, we could be worrying about the last night’s match because it’s a very big deal for us…
  • We don’t have periods that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to be a little moody sometimes…
  • We hate accompanying you to shop because we just can’t stand the idea of going to shopping without prior deciding what exactly do we want clothes, accessories or shoes.
  • We love hanging out with our friends so at times we won’t be accompanying you that doesn’t mean we don’t love you or don’t want to be with you…
  • We love sports so you will have to adjust without us when we go out to play
  • You don’t have to remind us again and again about what your ex was like. He is your ex for a reason so get over him and let us move on too
  • Just change the damn color according to your own preference we don’t sulk about these things like you do.
  • We love our rough and tough look so if once in a while we don’t shave for a week don’t come to us with those angry little eyes just to force us to shave
  • Jealousy is not the sole proprietorship  of yours so when you go out with that guy from your group be prepared to answer some questions
  • We all have our favourite jeans/shirt which we would wear frequently and we won’t ever part with it, don’t even think of destroying/donating it. Because it will have serious consequences you never would have imagined.
  • No matter how old we are, we are never too old to take advice from our mother