So everything is changing
There is no longer any control
The things which seemed definite
Have slowly begun to move and erode

The dream which I saw for myself
No longer seems plausible
Where is my life heading
I have no clue
And no plans
To get somewhere nice
Where I could cool

I am bored with my surroundings
I am bored with the same old things
I want change
I want to move
I want to go in different directions
I don’t want to stay at one place
I don’t want to see another crowd
Just occupying my every other day

I miss those past days
I miss my old life
If I get a chance to repeat it all
I would take different decisions
Without even thinking twice

When did it all start?
Where did I go wrong?
Which path was it?
Which started this never ending sad song?

I wish, I could get some answers
They would have solved a lot of things
I probably would have been happier
If the things weren’t going this bad, like they
usually seemed

I retrospect, I regret
I try to change my tone
If I realize my mistake
I always atone
Never take unnecessary blame
Never throw without provocation any stone…