Inner glow

Let me sleep
Let me have some dreams
Show me your real colors
Life is not just a fairy dream
Emotions are always running high
Don’t play with my soul
Don’t you even try

I just want to create a little place for me
Some place where expectations are met
Where you don’t need to cry holy hell

Need somebody to share my soul
It’s not on rent
It’s a lifetime deal
Just hop on the bandwagon
Don’t you put a full stop on my dreams

Time is high to rethink my whole life
Where I want to head
Where I don’t want to go
Whom to include in my friend list
Whose entry pass to cut down in million piece

So share a moment of joy
Maybe one or two
Live the life that you always wanted to
Don’t be tied down by imaginary lines
Don’t listen to the sounds of bad minds

Create your whole life story
With your own hands
Put up a fight with whosoever
You cannot really stand
Scream on the top of your voice
You will not keep quite
You will show the world
What you are made up of
You will show the world
Your Inner Glow


Hate the game

Don’t hate the player
Hate the game
For its not my rules
So stop going insane

You tell me everything
And call me your dearest friend
But still you are more comfortable with others
And always worried in my presence

You have changed drastically
And now I am one of the others in your familiar land
You fight with me like I am your enemy
When even you know I have good feelings in my heart for your whole clan

You always ignore my advice
Even though you know I am always right in the end
You compare me with everybody
When you know I talk everything on your face
Rather than bitching to someone in the by lanes

Still It’s not your fault completely
As even I am cocky as hell
I try taking your tests
By putting you in situations
Where I know you will adversely react