Not going to wait

I am not going to wait anymore

Not for the stars to shine
Not for you to be mine
Not for the fates to reveal its path
Not for becoming something better at last

I will start shaping my own destiny
I will start taking some concrete steps
I will not believe all that in luck
I will not get out on the first ball as duck

There is still so much to do
There are still so many lives to be touched
There are so many things that I should start
Now I won’t hold back
I will just push it harder and get back on the right track

I will break or climb all the walls
Roam in anybody’s territory without the fear of fall
The fault will be theirs not mine
Because they shaped me as it is
And now all the trouble in the future will not alone be mine

My writing is done
Now I am out of words
Half the journey is already over
Major part of which was out of luck

So now no more waiting
No waiting for the weekend
No waiting for things to change
No waiting for the good time to come by
Now I will change my life the way it was meant to be changed

Happy Poem

This is one happy poem
For creating one happy song
Happiness that fulfills
Can never be harmed

It can never be taken
It can never be tamed
It can be your only true friend
Though hardly it will forever remain

Happiness has its own form
For you it might be candy
And for me it might be just another glass of chilled brandy
It can be this or that, Big or flat
With elaborated details or just something with a higher price tag

It might not be permanenet
But it has a lasting impression
It is surreal, It is actually a lot if you ask my dear.
It can make your world spin
It can make your heart stop
But everybody wants it in the end
There is no difference whether you are good or bad.

Everything else is lost

All the letters that were wrote

All the little stories that were told

Now only those are still remaining

Because everything else is lost


Only memories that were created

And the words that were shared

Only those things I can remember

Because everything else has been lost forever



It’s an end of a story

And probably a long full stop on my path

Because now it all sucks

I don’t want its any part



I will change my directions

I will choose a different path

I will divert my energies somewhere

Where it will be fruitful while it lasts


I am not sad

Nor are gloomy days ahead

It’s just that I have gone too far on this road

Now I will look for a good spot to sit

And find my solace someplace somewhere

 lost f



Rushing In

I am always in rush
And so my world gets crushed
I bluntly express myself out
Thats what creates doubt in everyone’s mind
And nobody is ready to hear me out

I always give in to the temptation of telling someone how I feel
But lately it has created all the problems there is
Because people are always suspicious that how can you like somebody so quickly
Meanwhile they forget romeo juliet is not some ancient history
Even on their first meeting the sparks flew
And though they never got together but their love was true

So all those people out there who take one step at a time
Love is no game neither filled with landmines
Go with the flow even if you have got a lot to loose
Because love is a river better enjoyed with the tides
Just pray to the gods that you reach your destination in time.

And to all those people who have closed their hearts
Because they got heartbroken because of somebody in the past
Guys and Galz give life another chance
Allow somebody to let you romance
Because even lil’ wayne was once right
No love lost, No love found

The Situation

However lot the situation might suck
But the fact is, I am down on my lady luck
Somebody else is there
Where I was supposed to be
Why this whole world is plotting just against me?

Every time I get serious as fuck
The world hits me at each and every turf
Why do I only get attached to the broken lot
Who have shut their hearts and don’t allow the happy light to touch some of their part

History seldom repeats itself
If you just learn some lessons from your horrible past
So stop living in the past
Stop worrying about the future
Stop comparing everybody with your past reference

Stop using my own sentences against me
Because situations change
And time changes too
We also get stuck sometimes in the feeling zone too

I know its tough for people like you
To again give a chance, to live the life you should
But we all need to move on
We all need to try
Then only will the world progress
And we will become happier and better than the rest

My friends advised me that I should give you some time
Because trust takes time to build
Even rome wasn’t built in a day’s time
So I am staying near by just a little far
Waiting for you to get ready
Waiting for you to be my pole star.