Fairy Tale

She was just a lonely soul
She cried every night
She had a great fall
She believed in fairies
But they never came true
Despite all this
She still believed them to be true

One winter night
It was too dark to roam
The whole city was locked
Everybody was inside their homes

But the lady was out
She was searching for a companion
She wanted to be whole

In pitch dark
She heard some footsteps
But they were too loud
There were not coming from a human’s leg

She got frightened
She had no where to run
She was trapped in 5 feet high
Pearly white snow

Slowly and slowly the picture got clear
She saw some glowing eyes
It was not human
But a wolf in despair

The wolf was also stuck in the same snow
The girl was frightened
But she knew
There is something she needs to do

So she grabbed nail filer from her purse
She started scratching the snow
She started clearing the path
To reach for the wolf
But still after all her attempts
She was stuck
She was pretty much unsuccessful

Then was the time
There came a bright light
There was a gorgeous guy
From the rescue squad
He was not that tall
But handsome
With a shovel in his hands

He cleared the whole patch
Rescued the wolf
And carried the girl to a safety place
The girl’s fairy tale was coming to be true
But then she saw a ring in his hand

That’s why they say
That there are no fairy tales in real life
Just lower your expectations
And be in love with a guy
Who will forever stay by your side


Date a Guy Who

Date a Guy who believes that love doesn’t last forever. Date him because he knows what reality is. He knows because he has experienced it all the heartbreak, the longing and the loneliness.

They are a rare breed but they are out there. Date him because he will sweep you off your feet, date him because for whatever time you guys will be together it will be just surreal.

Date them because they can show you what love is, they are intense and they will never let you be sad. They will hold your hand and take you places you never found beautiful.

You will find them meaninglessly flirting with each and every girl, they are not your typical flirt they just like to make everybody’s day beautiful. They find meaning in making others happy. They will hit on you constantly they won’t bother about their image because they don’t think much they just love complimenting the people worth complimenting.

Go up to him and show a little interest, that’s it they will leave everything and make you their priority. They are fun to be together with, they will give you full freedom; if you need them they will never leave your side because they have seen the cruel side of loneliness.

Date them because you will never experience these type of guys ever. You will love and cherish each and every moment you spend with them for a lifetime.

You are young take risk take chances.

Shout out loud and do whatever you think is right


Guy Gal Issue

Women are something, I mean seriously, you all have  something or the other that attracts a man wildly  towards you.

It can be anything…

Your smile, size, cut, touch, way of talking. You won’t even know it and some stupid dumbstruck guy would fall madly in love with you.

But here starts your series of test specially designed for him, why? Because you won’t believe him, you would treat him like shit. You don’t want to take another risk, because what might be the real motive of this guy be? Who is only saying he loves you, how can you be sure?

So what you do then?

You put him through a series of test.

Let’s see whether he can actually handle me or not, let’s see if he is patient enough, whether he will be able to hold me forever or I am just his passing crush,  infatuation of the moment or worse he just wants to bone me.

You always keep on self doubting yourself, how come he is still waiting for me, Is it actually love. I like him but I don’t want to take any chances. Let me test him a little longer. I just hope he is the one, and he doesn’t run away. Am I selfish? No I just want to be safe. I am not doing anything wrong, am I?

And this cycle keeps on happening again and again..

So what is the guy thinking the whole time?

So here is the Guy side of the story?

She looks pretty. Shit, I am in love. I can never understand, how can I fall in love so quickly?

What the hell, she is nice, there is no harm in trying.

Hey I like you, that’s okay right? She will take it no?

No, I will have to be a little more creative, girls love mushy mushy lovey dovey things. So I should spice up the proposal a little, I don’t want to get rejected. Now that I have spent so much time in planning it out, I really think I actually like this girl, because I have never done so much for any other girl in my life.

Fingers crossed, let’s hope everything goes all right. Damn man, she said she needs time, she doesn’t know how she feels for me. How can anyone not know, If they feel for anyone or not. I guess, I would never understand girls. I like her, I can’t stop now. Let’s wait and see what happens. It’s been 2 months now, we talk 24/7 but still whenever I bring up the relationship issue, she backs out and change the topic.

Does she love me, or is there anyone else in her life?

God I hate girls, why can’t they be a little more reasonable and tell everything upfront directly on the face..

Shit Shit Shit!!!

guyg gal