He was something

It was not a game

It was more than that

It was what he always wanted

But actually never had



He was not a monster

Nor was he a saint

He just wanted to be in control

But always lost it in a flash



He had some good days and some bad

But he never was rude

Nor was he ever sad

He lived carefree

And wanted everybody else to be tension free



He slept a little

But dreams he always had

For them to be accomplished

He gave whatever he had

He was passionate

He had spark in his eyes

But not everybody could see it

Because he was good with disguise


He was good at stealing hearts

As he had no heart of his own

He lost it somewhere down the road

And just wanted to figure out what’s behind those close doors.





I was Wrong

I guess I was wrong
Ours was not a pretty song
It was a sad story
That was bound to run out of glory

Even though with multiple twists
Our story was stuck and was heading towards certain bad luck
The out of the blue sparks had no lasting impression
What was doomed from the beginning had no hope in the end

It was good while it lasted
The hunger I tasted was indeed not wasted
I will hold on to the memories
Even though most of them were bad
Because that’s how I roll babe
Moving on is just a piece of cake

Your magnificent beauty has been nothing, just a flaw
Because I dropped in your love potion
And shut myself down from the crowd a bit too far
So now I have nobody
Nobody to call my own
Everybody is a stranger
I will have to start making new friends
To fill my empty time 
And to stay away from boredom