I am not over

I still have it in me

I am not a sad story

At least not an incomplete one

I could rise from the ashes

Take back my kingdom

Nobody to stop me

I have done my preparation


So many chapters to be written

So much time has already passed

So many things have happened

But let’s let it rest in the past


I have nearly broken so many of my dreams

I wake up screaming

Seeing my own fears come to reality in my dreams

There is nothing more horrible

To walk with all that pain

All the pent up anger

Just throwing my life everyday in the drain


Where have I landed

Which direction is my life going around

Happiness eludes me

Takes refuge in somebody else’s hometown


Snatch me from myself

Take me far away

Pump me up with confidence

That all bad things will one day fade away


Smiling faces no longer feel safe

Everybody is wearing a mask

Fake people all around

Waiting for the other to fall

To take their place in life’s play


When will this all end

When will hope rise again

Slowly I am getting eroded from earth everyday

There’s no solution in sight

Just a handful of friends

Who have promised to stick together

Through thick and thin

Death, for instance


———– Live the way you want to, not the way others want you to ————

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