You silly silly girl
You’re not able to see past my words
You overlook me in your naivety
But in the end, you’ll weep
That when the time was right
You forgot to click
The only moment which could have turned into something big
She was sweet but her brain was not quick
She got stuck and for her the whole world sucked
She changed her path and went too far
She never realized what she bargained for and what she lost
You were distracted
I was attracted
You were talking about someone
While I was telling you my heart was stolen
While I try to continue the talk
You find solace in your sleep
I think you don’t feel what I feel
So I better leave you be

Fairy Tale

She was just a lonely soul
She cried every night
She had a great fall
She believed in fairies
But they never came true
Despite all this
She still believed them to be true

One winter night
It was too dark to roam
The whole city was locked
Everybody was inside their homes

But the lady was out
She was searching for a companion
She wanted to be whole

In pitch dark
She heard some footsteps
But they were too loud
There were not coming from a human’s leg

She got frightened
She had no where to run
She was trapped in 5 feet high
Pearly white snow

Slowly and slowly the picture got clear
She saw some glowing eyes
It was not human
But a wolf in despair

The wolf was also stuck in the same snow
The girl was frightened
But she knew
There is something she needs to do

So she grabbed nail filer from her purse
She started scratching the snow
She started clearing the path
To reach for the wolf
But still after all her attempts
She was stuck
She was pretty much unsuccessful

Then was the time
There came a bright light
There was a gorgeous guy
From the rescue squad
He was not that tall
But handsome
With a shovel in his hands

He cleared the whole patch
Rescued the wolf
And carried the girl to a safety place
The girl’s fairy tale was coming to be true
But then she saw a ring in his hand

That’s why they say
That there are no fairy tales in real life
Just lower your expectations
And be in love with a guy
Who will forever stay by your side


Not all alone

Everything was going well
I was happy as hell
And then I found this girl
Who was something out of the blue

I texted, I chatted
I poured my heart out
She smiled, she just smiled
And went away to some other castle

She was not a monster
She was not a witch in disguise
She just didn’t took me seriously
As she was lost in her dreams
Which she wanted to fulfill in time

Bespectacled, well dressed she was
She had an aura of her own
She ruled many hearts
But couldn’t call anyone her own

She was as lost as others
She had  no idea where her heart had gone
She pretended as if everything was under her control
In all of this she forgot she was not all alone

1 Not all alone

I want to

I want your love

I don’t want the lies

I want to talk to you

Without thinking whether it’s day or night


I want to see you sleep

I want to see you wake up

I want to prepare for you a hot tea cup


I want to hold your hand

I want to scream with joy

I want you so much more

No one should take you away or even dare try


I will take care of you

I will not let you cry

With me you will get it all

All the love in the world along with the joy


So wake up from your sleep

Think about what you actually need

Make a move, shake a leg

Tell me what you feel

Don’t stop, don’t rest


Hold my hand and show the world

That together we are indestructible

Let’s show them together what we have got

Together we are infinite and we won’t ever stop…


How do life hits you

Does it hit you hard
Does it hit you low
Does it not hit you at all
Or you don’t seem to follow

Whichever point you start your journey from
There always comes a Crossway to chose from
So if you try to think more about your decision
Then the harder you will repent of it sooner or later

So just go with the flow
Live life like you should bro
Don’t judge others
Don’t try to find their faults
Look on the brighter side
Put manure on your greener side
Create large fountains of hope
Keep on pinging the girl’s wall

Just one day will change it all
Hope will take you to the finish line
While all others will befall
So if you still can’t increase your pace
Just walk faster thinking it’s a life and death race
Because if you came last
There will be no one who would want to know your past
No one would want to hear your story
No one will be in line to see your heart of glory

life never

The Girl who always spoke her mind

So you are not afraid
You always speak your mind
But when I do the same
You complain and you whine

If you don’t love me
That’s fine with me
But let me tell you the things
That I really mean

Give me a chance to show you the depth of my love
Don’t just walk away
Hear my story
Hear my truth

So what If we are from two different colleges
So what If we never talked
That doesn’t mean we can never start
If we have an ending together
There must be somewhere some start

So lets capture the moments that are left
Make each and every frame slightly different from the rest
Let’s us make our love story, like one beautiful love song
Let’s create certain history
Let’s become the talk of the town


The Girl with the Yellow Contact lenses




Don’t try to be a devil
Wearing those fake pair of yellow lenses
You are monster in real life
Because all that you care are your heels and your hair
Stomping so many hearts
Kicking them out with your multicolored pair of heels
Proving to everyone you are actually a tart

So you don’t love cheesy lines
You don’t want to get bored
But let me tell you this girl
Lines don’t matter
What matters are the words
So try to decode them
If you are too dumb to know what it means
And just want to blabber what whatever

You are in love with your dreams
Wake wake up gal
Because reality you have never seen
There is no perfect scenario
Just plain bullshit scene
You gotta cross so many hurdles and people in the path
That you finally end up with too many enemies or a little broken heart

So what I offer is a lifetime scene
I will hold you throughout
Will accompany you to the end
Through happiness or sorrow
Holding your hand in my hand
So if you are still stupid enough to not give this a try
All I want to say is Bless you my child
May someone tickles your bloody braincell
Before it’s too late for me to follow…