Same Story

It wasn’t what I thought
It was not what was brought
It had a beginning
But the end was nowhere in sight
The end of this story was tragic again
I was dealing with the same plight

It was a story with different characters
But the ending was the same
The boy kept falling in love
And the girls kept crushing his heart time and again

He was a die hard romantic
He just wanted a single chance
He wanted to fall in love
He wanted the last dance

He met quite a few girls
All of them good in their own ways
His tuning was good with everyone
But some were heartbroken
Some were just insanely in love with their respective boyfriends

All in all he was not that alone
Just needed to feel a little low
To carry on with his creativity escapades
To fulfill his dream of making this world his own


Life Trap

Its all a trap
Nobody actually gives a crap
Most of them enjoy
While you are writhing in pain
And just want to die

Expectations kills
It drives people crazy
While the other person don’t even get chills
So stop imagining things
It’s all in your own mind
Don’t try to be the troubleshooter
Because that’ll be counted as your crime

Give it time
Give it more than that
Don’t blindly trust people
Because you will only get kick in your back

Distance distance yourself from poisonous stuff
Stop making your life a bitter pill to bear
Life is a maze stop chasing everybody
Because actually its a big elaborate trap

So concentrate on your own
Don’t deviate from your path
Because the place you are in right now
Is not your permanent home


Hate the game

Don’t hate the player
Hate the game
For its not my rules
So stop going insane

You tell me everything
And call me your dearest friend
But still you are more comfortable with others
And always worried in my presence

You have changed drastically
And now I am one of the others in your familiar land
You fight with me like I am your enemy
When even you know I have good feelings in my heart for your whole clan

You always ignore my advice
Even though you know I am always right in the end
You compare me with everybody
When you know I talk everything on your face
Rather than bitching to someone in the by lanes

Still It’s not your fault completely
As even I am cocky as hell
I try taking your tests
By putting you in situations
Where I know you will adversely react