So you feel Nothing

So you feel nothing
The things I do
The things I say
Have no impact on you
But my heart breaks
Whenever you say that my love won’t ever stay

So hear me out
Stay for a day
Feel what I have to share
Let me make you stay
My love will melt you
Reasons it will add
You will long for me
You will want me till the end

She was lying through her teeth
She wasn’t ready to accept the very reality
She is falling for me everyday
But she won’t face the truth
As it will leave a lot of people astray

Stop thinking only about others
Start thinking about you too
For true love like luck won’t knock twice
If you keep on ignoring it
It will go to the other room to the other side

You are entitled to be happy
Stop worrying about being misunderstood
Don’t get tied down to anybody
Let your heart truely rule

For people will always be jealous and judge
They will never be satisfied
Because you are getting the real deal
In whose wait they all will die

So its high time now
Put yourself first
Care about others
But care about yourself first


Inner glow

Let me sleep
Let me have some dreams
Show me your real colors
Life is not just a fairy dream
Emotions are always running high
Don’t play with my soul
Don’t you even try

I just want to create a little place for me
Some place where expectations are met
Where you don’t need to cry holy hell

Need somebody to share my soul
It’s not on rent
It’s a lifetime deal
Just hop on the bandwagon
Don’t you put a full stop on my dreams

Time is high to rethink my whole life
Where I want to head
Where I don’t want to go
Whom to include in my friend list
Whose entry pass to cut down in million piece

So share a moment of joy
Maybe one or two
Live the life that you always wanted to
Don’t be tied down by imaginary lines
Don’t listen to the sounds of bad minds

Create your whole life story
With your own hands
Put up a fight with whosoever
You cannot really stand
Scream on the top of your voice
You will not keep quite
You will show the world
What you are made up of
You will show the world
Your Inner Glow


Date a Guy Who

Date a Guy who believes that love doesn’t last forever. Date him because he knows what reality is. He knows because he has experienced it all the heartbreak, the longing and the loneliness.

They are a rare breed but they are out there. Date him because he will sweep you off your feet, date him because for whatever time you guys will be together it will be just surreal.

Date them because they can show you what love is, they are intense and they will never let you be sad. They will hold your hand and take you places you never found beautiful.

You will find them meaninglessly flirting with each and every girl, they are not your typical flirt they just like to make everybody’s day beautiful. They find meaning in making others happy. They will hit on you constantly they won’t bother about their image because they don’t think much they just love complimenting the people worth complimenting.

Go up to him and show a little interest, that’s it they will leave everything and make you their priority. They are fun to be together with, they will give you full freedom; if you need them they will never leave your side because they have seen the cruel side of loneliness.

Date them because you will never experience these type of guys ever. You will love and cherish each and every moment you spend with them for a lifetime.

You are young take risk take chances.

Shout out loud and do whatever you think is right