I think I am actually an introvert despite the amount of “friends” that I have and the amount of social things that I am involved in. If the definition of an extrovert is someone that gains their energy from “being around other people” then somebody who is an introvert is a person that needs time alone to build up that energy, right?


I can’t really do anything unless I‘ve thought about it before hand. That’s why I mispronounce (stutter) or say random words when I talk to people. It’s not because I think it’s funny or because I am hyperactive, it’s because I am trying to communicate but I just can’t. It’s not funny, I don’t do it to be funny, but it makes my peers laugh in a good manner which makes me feel a little better about myself. We all want to be liked by somebody, right?


This is also why I feel more comfortable texting than talking on the phone. Texting somebody allows me to think about what I am going to say and how the person I am texting might respond. This is also why I won’t hang out outside of college unless it has been planned ahead of time. I simply cannot handle social events that I did not have the time to think about before hand. If you have somehow convinced me to join you in some spontaneous activity, you might notice how quiet I am for most of it, or you might not because all I would be able to think about is how much I would like to disappear or go home because the amount of effort I am putting into whatever activity, it may be is draining me of all the alone time energy.


And I love my alone time. It’s the only time when I can just relax and think about where my life is heading, what do I need the most and whom to talk to. It’s the time when I let my hair down and do the things which many people would consider a time waste. But it’s my life and I want to enjoy it the way I want to, without anybody pointing out to me things that I don’t want to hear.


So I just want all of you to remember this…

Just leave the guy/gal who is different alone for some time, after all you don’t know a thing about what keeps on going in his/her head…



Everybody is different in one way or the other

Different is what makes us unique.

It’s the only thing which makes us stand tall in a crowd…


Different may be color

Different may be caste

But everyone has the same heart

And it will forever last…


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