Still Running…

We all are running

Some from our past

Some from our life

Some for the sheer pleasure

Some to just survive

Many people come

Many people go

But in our hearts we know

With whom we want to forever roll

There is so much that keeps on happening

In our day to day life

Who cares, who keeps score

If somebody hurt us or we were let down outright..

Still heart waits, still it aspires

To meet people with golden heart

Who share the same feelings

And change your world

Giving it new dimensions

And new rules to follow…

So what if, we are still waiting

So what if, we sometimes slide

Eventually it’s our life

We gotta make turns on our way

To find the things

We want for us in our life…

Life is long enough to switch our paths in the long run…..

So go with the flow.. Take the road less travelled or take the crowded one out..

Just remember you gotta reach the finish line with a smile which should forever last…

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