Not going to wait

I am not going to wait anymore

Not for the stars to shine
Not for you to be mine
Not for the fates to reveal its path
Not for becoming something better at last

I will start shaping my own destiny
I will start taking some concrete steps
I will not believe all that in luck
I will not get out on the first ball as duck

There is still so much to do
There are still so many lives to be touched
There are so many things that I should start
Now I won’t hold back
I will just push it harder and get back on the right track

I will break or climb all the walls
Roam in anybody’s territory without the fear of fall
The fault will be theirs not mine
Because they shaped me as it is
And now all the trouble in the future will not alone be mine

My writing is done
Now I am out of words
Half the journey is already over
Major part of which was out of luck

So now no more waiting
No waiting for the weekend
No waiting for things to change
No waiting for the good time to come by
Now I will change my life the way it was meant to be changed

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