Rushing In

I am always in rush
And so my world gets crushed
I bluntly express myself out
Thats what creates doubt in everyone’s mind
And nobody is ready to hear me out

I always give in to the temptation of telling someone how I feel
But lately it has created all the problems there is
Because people are always suspicious that how can you like somebody so quickly
Meanwhile they forget romeo juliet is not some ancient history
Even on their first meeting the sparks flew
And though they never got together but their love was true

So all those people out there who take one step at a time
Love is no game neither filled with landmines
Go with the flow even if you have got a lot to loose
Because love is a river better enjoyed with the tides
Just pray to the gods that you reach your destination in time.

And to all those people who have closed their hearts
Because they got heartbroken because of somebody in the past
Guys and Galz give life another chance
Allow somebody to let you romance
Because even lil’ wayne was once right
No love lost, No love found

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