The Situation

However lot the situation might suck
But the fact is, I am down on my lady luck
Somebody else is there
Where I was supposed to be
Why this whole world is plotting just against me?

Every time I get serious as fuck
The world hits me at each and every turf
Why do I only get attached to the broken lot
Who have shut their hearts and don’t allow the happy light to touch some of their part

History seldom repeats itself
If you just learn some lessons from your horrible past
So stop living in the past
Stop worrying about the future
Stop comparing everybody with your past reference

Stop using my own sentences against me
Because situations change
And time changes too
We also get stuck sometimes in the feeling zone too

I know its tough for people like you
To again give a chance, to live the life you should
But we all need to move on
We all need to try
Then only will the world progress
And we will become happier and better than the rest

My friends advised me that I should give you some time
Because trust takes time to build
Even rome wasn’t built in a day’s time
So I am staying near by just a little far
Waiting for you to get ready
Waiting for you to be my pole star.

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