Lost a lot of things



I have lost my appetite

I have lost my sleep

I don’t know what happened

But today I look so weak


I am attached to somebody

Even though I promised I won’t

My mood swings are attached to this person

Who few days ago was an unknown


Though I fall in and fall out too quickly

But this time I am stuck

Because I am out of luck

There is no end in my sight

And to reach the destination

I have no one by my side


I talk a lot

I might have said many things

But no disrespect was ever intended

Because your image in my eyes can never be dented



It has been a while

Since I longed for anybody’s company

But this time around too

The culprit has fled the crime scene


So I am left here alone

With a bag full of mixed feelings

Now I don’t know

Whether to burn it

Or dig its grave

So that it never comes back to haunt my days




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