Not Everyone

Not every man dies a painful death

Not every lover fulfills his wish and swells

Not every bird can fly above the clouds

Not every ant can get the last sugar piece


Not everything in life is fair

Not every love ends in tears

Not everything should be done according to the rules

If you want something, break the hell loose


Your future is in your own hands

Just because you are confused

Don’t refuse the golden chance

Do advances don’t let the romance end


Because in the end you need someone by your side

To keep you afloat, to keep you revivified

Someone who is your own

Someone with whom you are never alone


So if you are still waiting for him/her to make the first  move

I disapprove, You should be removed

As you have learned nothing, you still haven’t improved

You are still letting others to make the first move


Fate works in mysterious ways

You will be left sitting alone

Without anybody to pay respect to your grave

So take a stand for your future

Take responsibility, Take the pains

You will do wonders

And only left will be glorious days

 TAKE control

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