So We Met

So we met

Everything was set

My eyes were on you

The wind was blowing too


You were distracted

I was attracted

You were talking about someone

While I was telling you my heart was stolen


You were looking different

You had an aura of your own

I was getting pulled

And all I wanted was you to take my love capsule


But you were over with this thing called love

What you wanted was days of less pressure

So you sat and said with a straight face

That loving myself is what I want to do right now

May be later on I will wait and figure out love’s background



So If you are reading this

All I want to tell you is, you are really missed

And If I ever get a chance to be with you, that will totally be bliss

Now I will end this on a sweet note

The smile that you smile

Should forever last

Because that is the thing which sets you world apart


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