Where are we standing

So here was I standing alone on the shore

Nobody there to call my own

The only people there were ready to pick my bones

Where have I landed

This place is not my own


Everything is unusual

There are nice people no more

There is deep cut throat competition and everybody wants more

There are no real emotions

Just fake smiles and nobody gonna believe the lies



So If you have changed

The world has changed more

Now the only thing left is for love to reach the core

This is the new generation and It has got some real shitty holes

Alone you can’t do anything you can just console


So where are we standing

Do we have any idea what we have lost

Will there be any rebirth

To rewrite the past

Will it happen anytime sooner

We don’t need another blast from the past


So if you have confusions

You got some real apprehensions

Focus your mind on the good part

Leave the rest in the dark dungeon

Because that’s the only thing you can control

The rest is beyond your power

You just can’t reach god’s door


Has the world lost more than it gained

Does the dealer make a shady deal

Have we gone insane

Bloodsheds all around

Politics going no good town

We got bad people running all around




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