All There is Left

I know I screwed up

I know It was my fault

In the end you left me

Now all there left is my little broken heart


It has shattered into pieces

But It still hasn’t died

With everything it has got

It still wanna make you smile


It still cares

It will try to make your day

I will never forget about you

It will never rest for a single day


You always were the biggest part of my life

You always will remain so

Because it’s hard to change the road

Where we dreamed as one soul

It’s harder to forget someone who has been always there

It’s even harder to forget someone like you

You are my everything even more than you will ever know


We were so happy

You were part of my everything

I know I made some mistakes

But you left me with nothing

Now all there is left are some big dark holes

And I am pretty sure no one can fill them

Because no one can love me more


I don’t want this to be my bitter end

Because I read somewhere, If you don’t try

The love was never yours never in the first place

It was not meant for your heart’s land…

don't go

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