All the Good things are Taken

All the good things are taken

What is there left for me

They say there is somebody for everyone

But what to do

When the heart gets struck on  a particular someone


Is there a way

Or will the god show the light

Will he take me on a path

By crossing which

I get whatever I like


Why does it happen

That we always want something

That’s too hard to get

Is this a test

That is meant to be aced

Or is it a lesson

To teach us that we can’t get everything in our lives


Shouldn’t there be a system

To prevent all this from happening straight down right

So that people don’t have to lose hope again and again

Because these things matter so much in our life


There should be an ideal situation

Where everybody gets everybody else’s attention

Where one doesn’t have to look for it all the time

And you get your Mr/Ms Right at the first go

Without going through heartbreaks and loose connections


They say destiny works in magical ways

But I have seen so many people who curse it every other day

Shouldn’t everything be picture perfect

Never the days of lonely unrest



May be someday science will progress

And we will get the cure for our lonely hearts

Till then be careful who you hand it out to

Because not every tom dick and harry has got lucky days


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