How do life hits you

Does it hit you hard
Does it hit you low
Does it not hit you at all
Or you don’t seem to follow

Whichever point you start your journey from
There always comes a Crossway to chose from
So if you try to think more about your decision
Then the harder you will repent of it sooner or later

So just go with the flow
Live life like you should bro
Don’t judge others
Don’t try to find their faults
Look on the brighter side
Put manure on your greener side
Create large fountains of hope
Keep on pinging the girl’s wall

Just one day will change it all
Hope will take you to the finish line
While all others will befall
So if you still can’t increase your pace
Just walk faster thinking it’s a life and death race
Because if you came last
There will be no one who would want to know your past
No one would want to hear your story
No one will be in line to see your heart of glory

life never

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